When I was in my junior and senior year of high school, I was finally starting to get my scores to come down. I started winning tournaments and gaining confidence. Things were on the up and up! But then, I started to have the dreaded ‘bogey train’ only it was starting at my very first hole. I could come back from it, but the problem was that I had to. I would get so nervous on the first hole, my hands shaking so bad, that I had a hard time just getting my first shot in the fairway. After this going on for a little while, my Dad recommended getting hypnotized for golf. He had his own experience using hypnosis for performance anxiety during ballroom dance competitions.

So we set up the appointment, and I meet with a woman in a therapist like setting. Very calming environment, low lighting, and comfy couch. We chat about why I’m using hypnosis and the most effective ways to make it work for me. She explains that I really need to believe that this is going to work for me. If I have doubts during my initial appointment, it can cause doubt through the entire process. Makes sense right? So I go into it full force. I can honestly say that I don’t remember exactly what she said when I was out. She did record it, and I would listen to it periodically over the next few months though.

After the appointment, the more I listened to the audio and competed, I noticed a huge shift in my game at the beginning of my round. It became easier and more comfortable stepping up on the first tee. One thing that still really stands out with me is that she chose a “power color.” This color would be the thing that would help transport me back to a confident place when playing. That color was red! I made sure I had a red towel and red tees on my bag.

I know, it sounds a little out there. And if it was just a placebo effect, then I’m okay with that! If you find something that gives you confidence and makes you comfortable in your swing on the course, you need to own it! Have you ever thought about being hypnotized for golf? Let me know in the comments!