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G&E Magazine was created to tell the stories of individuals on incredible ventures in the world of golf. We are working hard on becoming the ultimate digital magazine where readers can learn and be inspired by golf entrepreneurs, start-ups, pros, small businesses, creators, and so much more. We want to be the one place you go to immerse yourself in the growing entrepreneurial culture of golf.

What we are looking for:

  • Up and coming or established professional golfers looking to write about their journey and the lessons learned along the way as they pursue their dream career and goals.
  • Entrepreneurs who have started or are starting a new and innovative business. We want to learn from your experience, hear about all the ups and downs and your overall life as you build your ultimate business in golf.
  • Bloggers who are leveraging the internet and social media to turn their passion for golf into a business.
  • Golf fitness experts who are creating businesses and new ways to further your game.
  • These are all just examples. We are looking for anyone who is doing something amazing in golf and wants to share with us their story and the lessons learned along the way.


G&E Magazine’s viewership is growing exponentially each month through our website and social media platforms. Our readers are individuals who love the game and the entrepreneurial spirit that comes along with it. Once approved, your post will be broadcasted through our social media platforms and read by golfers and entrepreneurs around the world! With this, your brand will grow. Your story will be told.

How to contribute

  • Create a 500 – 1500 word well-written article about your golf endeavor.
  • We prioritize articles that are thought out, inspiring, and reflective.
  • Please include a headshot along with a short bio of yourself.

Please submit your article to our Editor-in-Chief at