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Most golfers have two associations with Tommy Armour. Either the iconic professional golfer. Or the legendary 845s irons that through one way or another everyone has hit. They sold a jaw-dropping 600,000 sets. The name Tommy Armour has been synonymous with golf for nearly a century.

But over the past few years, the brand has fallen by the wayside. What used to be a part of Sports Authority’s portfolio, was recently acquired by DICK’S Sporting Goods and they have big plans for the brand.

After taking a quick breather, Tommy Armour is back and arguably better than ever. I had the chance to speak with David Michaels, Senior Product Manager of Golf at DICK’S, about the relaunch and you can tell they have a fantastic vision for where they want to take the classic line. And that is to create the highest quality club at the best price. One standout from the bunch is the new TA-1 driver.

Exciting Technology in the New Stick

DICK’S was kind enough to send us a TA1 to take for a spin. And we liked it.

The first feature that stuck out to us is the aesthetic of the new driver. DICK’S did not take this part of the TA1 lightly. They partnered with Designworks, a subsidiary of the BMW Group, to help with the new venture. The result, a sleek and modern head that is pleasing to the eye. The gentle touch of red with the carbon crown certainly has you feeling confident over your shot. Couple the aesthetics with an aerodynamic design, and the driver’s head comes together nicely.

Adding to that confidence is a soft feel off the face. The club just feels forgiving. So often, a modern driver may produce an ear piercing sound while feeling hard at impact. Not the TA1. And the DAT 55G material in the face, combined with the carbon crown can be thanked for that.

For the many who are not familiar, DAT55G is a titanium produced in Japan that is not seen in many drivers right now. DAT55G allows the design team to make the clubface incredibly thin, yet strong, increasing the spring-like effect which in return adds distance.

To top off all the technology in the driver head, a Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver is added to the club to bring everything full circle. The Kuro Kage fits a wide range of players. With a softer tip profile and a mid to high launch, the shaft is a suitable engine for the forgiving club.

The result, a well thought out driver that will appeal to the mid-high range handicap golfer. The tech in the TA1 is geared to help you improve your game. From the driver head being optimized for forgiveness with a high MOI, and the DAT55G titanium face adding distance, you will be hard fought to find a club with this type of features at its price point of $300. But you be the judge. Visit your local DICK’S and give it a swing. I think you will agree.

And let’s not forget the classy delivery. Your Tommy Armour TA1 arrives in a retro box as if a set of 845s are coming to your door!

To learn more about the TA1 driver and metal woods, visit DICK’S Sporting Goods.