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Our weekly audio series where we dive deep into the lives of people creating remarkable careers around this great game. These are entrepreneurs building the next great brand. Pro golfers chasing their dreams of playing on tour. Writers. Influencers. Architects. Photographers. We can go on and on but think you get the point. Our sport is full of people doing incredible things. And they all have one unanimous trait in common. A passion for making a life in golf and doing it in their own unique way.

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Episode 47: Behind the Lens With Golf Photographer Christian Hafer

Christian Hafer is gifted with something that not many people have. And if you…

Episode 46: Matt Parziale’s Meteoric Rise Up The Amateur Golf Ranks

Matt Parziale just loves golf. The man lives to compete. Most recently, he…

Episode 45: Leveraging the Internet to Build a New Career with Golf Writer Jay Revell

Social media and golf is a beautiful thing. Individuals and brands have been…

Episode 44: From Action Sports to Golf, The Story of Electric California

From action sports to golf, Electric is a story of entrepreneurship at it's…

Episode 43: How Anna and Armana of the Graceful Golfer Aim to Inspire

Professional golf requires a lot of work. And not just from a practice and…

Episode 42: Bob Lamkin Talks About The Entrepreneurial History of Lamkin Grips

If you're a big fan of Ben Hogan's Five Lessons like myself, then you know the…

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