Monday, December 11, 2017

Podcast Features

Episode 26: How Mizzen + Main is Disrupting an Entire Industry

This week on G&E The Podcast, we had Kevin Lavelle, founder of the industry disrupting brand, Mizzen + Main. The apparel company famous for their performance fabric dress shirts that are moisture wicking, wrinkle-free, and as they put it, Comfortable AF. When he first started out, people thought his idea was crazy. He was basically laughed out of his first trade show and told by supposed industry experts that no one would wear the shirt. Five and a half years later, the business has grown by 400% YOY, has partnerships with iconic athletes such as Tim Tebow and J.J. Watt, and has plans to become the next great American brand.

Episode 25: How TRUE Linkswear is Relaunching their Brand with Justin Turner

This week on G&E The Podcast we had on Justin Turner, Partner of Finance and Strategy at TRUE Linkswear. If you have been following along with TRUE, you may have noticed their recent change in shoe design, a revamped website and social media strategy, and an overall relaunch of the brand. This is because the company is going back to their routes. A dedication to enjoying the walk. In this week's podcast feature, Justin peels back the curtains. He gives us a behind the scenes view into each step of the brand's change of business plan. From the development of their new shoe models to the tools they used to enhance their direct to consumer channel, we talk about it all. Enjoy.

Episode 24: Live Bold with Bart Walker, Founder of Jack Grace USA

This week on G&E The Podcast we had Bart Walker, founder of Jack Grace USA. Aka the #coolestgolfshoesever, Jack Grace is an up and coming revolutionary golf shoe brand that allows for total customization with their interchangeable saddles technology. Bart's story to starting his brand is fascinating. As a self-proclaimed shoe fanatic, Bart had to make the bold decision to leave his job and go all in on his dream business. With the support of his wife, and a lot of hustle, the phenomenal brand we see today was born. Check out this week's podcast feature to learn about what it takes to start your own shoe company.

Episode 23: How To Build a Golf Side Hustle Using Instagram With The Founder...

If you are on Instagram at all and are into golf, then you may have seen a divot tool recently that peaks your interest. Kind of like the swiss army knife of divot tools if you may. Introducing Brian Kang, founder of Birdicorn Golf. The brand behind the amazingly simple yet awesome golf product. And this is just the start for Birdicorn as they continue to grow. Check out this week's episode with Brian as we discuss his love for golf, the process of creating a great product, how to build your brand on Instagram, Birdicorn's upcoming charity golf tournament, and so much more. Enjoy!

Episode 22: How Monument Golf Built a Brand Around a Flagship Product

This week on the podcast we had Jeff Eggen, Founder of Monument Golf. Three years ago, Jeff was a mini-tour player thinking of ways to make a few bucks. By accident, he came up with the idea for the Stick It. A magnetic rangefinder strap. Now, Monument Golf is exploding across the industry, and the team has big plans for its future. Check out this week's podcast feature to learn how Jeff and his team took an idea and turned it into an incredible business.

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