Our Purpose Old

My name is Ryan Walker, and I am an aspiring professional golfer and entrepreneur; currently working for an exciting start-up and am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of G&E Magazine. One of my favorite aspects of pursuing professional golf has been meeting fascinating people in all areas of the game. Along the way, I decided that it would be amazing to capture these unique stories and share them with the world, hence came the creation of Golf & Entrepreneurship Magazine.

G&E Magazine is an online publication dedicated to people on incredible ventures in the world of golf. Instead of focusing on the end result, G&E Magazine is going to bring to life the journey of these extraordinary golf entrepreneurs and their pursuits. These are people paving their way and creating careers in the game we all love.

Articles in G&E Magazine will feature entrepreneurs in all industries of the game. They are professional golfers whose story’s will be highlighted by the grind, commitment, failures, victories, and ultimately, the lessons learned on the path to the PGA Tour. The Magazine will also detail creators, who are innovating the game with new types of technology and equipment, in addition to fashion entrepreneurs, who are bringing new looks to the sport. These are just a few categories of the many individuals who will be in G&E Magazine.

The ideology behind its creation is to tell the stories of people on their journeys to success in golf, whatever they may be. Beyond that, though, my hope is that the publication will inspire others to take the leap in pursuit of their dreams, thus resulting in a network of golf entrepreneurs, shaping the future of the game around the globe. I hope you enjoy G&E Magazine.