OnCore Golf

With cutting-edge technology at the core, OnCore delivers more.

ELIXR Tour Ball

The ELIXR tour ball is the culmination of merging proprietary chemical blends and advanced material elements to create the ultimate golf ball. A unique composite core delivers exceptional Coefficient of Restitution* for the maximum allowable velocity and distance– so fast that the governing bodies sent us a warning letter! Our proprietary polymer mantle infused with high density particles creates enhanced perimeter weighting for exceptional accuracy and control – especially noticeable in windy conditions. And our premium cast urethane cover delivers a soft and pure feel of the club face and gives the ELIXR ultimate greenside control, durability, and unmatched putting performance.


Want a “soft” ball that gives you maximum distance? Go further and beyond with the AVANT. The low compression of the AVANT creates the feel that players want off the club face and around the greens without sacrificing distance. To bring it all, we merged our SoftCell technology with proprietary core chemistry, resulting in feel, spin, and distance that delivers great performance for golfers of every skill level.


Your search for accuracy ends with the CALIBER. Reversing a 30 year tradition of solid rubber core construction, the CALIBER is built around patented hollow-metal core technology that was so innovative, it caused the USGA to rewrite the Rules as they pertain to allowable ball construction.

With a 392 dimple pattern, our SoftCell mantle layer technology, and our unique 0.900 inch hollow metal core, we’ve optimized our design to bring forth a product that does exactly what it was created to do – produce significant rifle spin while reducing side spin, allowing the ball to travel along a straight trajectory – akin to a bullet leaving the barrel. And straighter is longer!