The internet never ceases to amaze me. The opportunity is endless. It is today’s frontier. And if you are willing to explore it, what can happen is amazing. With some hard work and a passionate vision, you can quite literally create almost anything out of thin air.

And how people go about these creations is equally fascinating. The fact that two people can seamlessly start a business together from different countries is astonishing.

That leads us to Rosaura Quezada and Malili Dib. A mother/daughter team who are the co-founders of Golf By RQ. A sterling silver golf inspired jewelry and accessories brand for men and women.

Like daughter, like mother, the duo has a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. They are doers. After sitting down with them both, you immediately get a sense that if they want to pursue something, they just start going. And do so with a zest for life.

The mother, Rosaura, has been involved in a few ventures prior to Golf By RQ, highlighted by the creative business, MezcalArte. A cool concept that all you mezcal fans have to check out. Rosaura talks more about this in the interview below.

The daughter, Malili, follows suit with a similar vigor for her passions in life. Having graduated high school at 16, she spent the next few years learning to fly, attending a filmmaking school, and studying French in France. Very cool.

She proceeded to work in the production industry which eventually culminated in her ultimate career path, acting. Now, she resides in LA as an actress while working on her entrepreneurial endeavors.

With backgrounds like this, it is no wonder the two decided to start a business. And what better way to do so then around something they both loved, golf. With lack of proper accessories for the course, they saw an opening in the market and have been running with the idea ever since.

Born was Golf by RQ.

We had the pleasure of interviewing the two about their lives and experience of starting a business together. Here is what they had to say:

Tell us a little about your backgrounds?

Rosaura: I grew up in Mexico City where I got a degree in Art History. My father was an artist, so I always had an interest in the arts. After graduating college, I was approached by a French archeological team that offered me to travel with them while they performed excavations throughout Mexico. But as life goes, I met Malili’s dad before leaving and decided to bet on love. Nine months later we were getting married and I was moving to Puebla, where he was from. I was happy to know he was a member of a Country Club with a beautiful golf course, where I could meet some good people and join a community in my new home.

I dedicated my early years to being a full-time mom, but when Malili and her brothers were old enough to move from home, I started thinking of fun business ventures I could get involved with.

I’ve always had a restless mind, so I started by opening a museum and art gallery in downtown Puebla, then I created a brand of Mezcal-filled works of art, and lastly, about two years ago, I got the idea to found Golf By RQ. I could not think of a better person to have as a partner for this brand than my daughter, who also happens to be my best friend. And so we launched our online store in July 2016.

Malili: I was born in Puebla, Mexico and got introduced to golf at a very early age. I have been a member of The Campestre Country Club since I can remember, so golf became a passion of mine early on. But just like my mom, I have always had a restless mind, and therefore MANY passions.

I was able to finish my high school at just 16 and ended up having a couple free years to explore all of those passions. So, I studied French in France, learned to fly and attended a filmmaking school in Los Angeles.

I worked in the production field for almost 6 years, both in Mexico and the US before realizing that my greatest passion was actually acting. I moved to NY to study theater at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and finally relocated to Los Angeles, where I currently reside and work as an actress.

My mom approached me with the idea to create Golf By RQ because we were always complaining that we didn’t have cute and elegant accessories to wear when we played golf, so I immediately jumped in.

I got the idea to create the business around e-commerce since online shopping is definitely the future, and using the Internet would allow us to manage the business together both from Mexico and Los Angeles.

When did you first start playing golf, and why did you pick up the game?

Rosaura: My dad, who used to take me with him when he played golf with his friends, introduced me. I didn’t start playing though, until after I moved to Puebla, and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve always liked the serenity one feels on the course, as well as the fact that the game requires patience and strategy… Amazing for the mind and soul.

Malili: My mom and dad introduced me to the game early on, when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I loved the fact that it brought our family together (both my brothers also play). Another reason why I liked golf since the beginning was that it taught me perseverance and discipline, two qualities that have been essential for me to this day.

What made you want to start Golf by RQ?

We started our brand because we realized that the men and women who play golf, also like to look good while doing it. We noticed you could get beautiful clothes, gloves, clubs, bags, etc. But there were no high-quality accessories to be found. We wanted to create something that would give the extra touch to any golf look.

So that is how it all started… We decided to create pieces of jewelry like necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, pins, markers, etc. Everything inspired by golf and wearable on and outside of the course. The pieces are designed by us and crafted by Mexican artisans using the “lost wax” method and the highest quality of .925 Mexican Sterling silver.

Have you engaged in any other entrepreneurial ventures prior to Golf by RQ?

Yes. We actually love creating innovative and fun businesses in the family! One of our other ventures has been in the world of Mezcal. We have created a brand called “Mezcalarte” where we combined two of our other passions: art and mezcal. We basically collaborate with a different artist every year to create limited editions of exclusive sculptures that will contain a “soul” of the purest mezcal from the state of Oaxaca. They are collectible and numbered. You will own a piece of art that you can drink from! We think it’s a pretty cool concept and there’s nothing like it in the market. You can learn more about that venture by visiting our site

What is your vision for Golf By RQ in the future?

In the future, we would like to position ourselves as the main golf and jewelry accessory line in the market. We want to reach those golfers all over the world who want to add that little extra touch to their golfing look.

We would also like to expand the corporate gift side of our brand and have the opportunity to create exclusive, made to order designs for major companies around the world.

What have you learned most from starting Golf by RQ?

That just like in the game of golf, you need lots of patience when starting your own business from the bottom. That everything consists of trial and error, and that you have to be relentless and not let the difficult times discourage you. Also, that if you’re able to learn from your mistakes, they are actually a really good thing to make.

But mostly, that having each other as business partners has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made!

How does Golf by RQ engage with the community?

Well, first of all, the fact that it is a family, female-owned company, has inspired other women and mother-daughter teams around us to work together and create their own businesses.

Also, by employing local artisans and buying only Mexican silver, we are supporting the Mexican Silver community and showcasing their work to the world through our products.

Who/What is your greatest inspiration?

In a personal sense, family is a big one for us. We are constantly inspiring and encouraging each other.

In a business sense, we really admire Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx. She created something that was lacking in the market and built her company from the ground up. She was able to stay relentless in spite of numerous rejections to turn her idea into a multimillion-dollar company.

Her example is the kind we constantly follow in the development and growth of our own company.

What’s in your bag?

We have a mixture of Taylor made and Callaway clubs with a special putter which has been in our family since the 70’s. We also have all the basics like plenty of colorful and interesting balls (we like to be able to identify our ball right away when playing), a shot glass for tequila (makes the game even more pleasant) and of course several Golf By RQ markers and accessories to make the game look extra good!

Describe your perfect round.

Saturday tee off at 10 am, with a foursome made up of good friends, doing bogeys and pars through the 18 and finishing off in the 19th with a margarita in hand.