Since starting G&E Magazine, the power of social media never ceases to amaze me. You can connect with people around the world. It’s amazing.

I have met so many great people via social media. From individuals creating the next big clothing brand to aspiring professional golfers grinding towards the PGA Tour. It’s remarkable and I am so grateful for G&E Magazine’s now 11,000+ followers. Thank you, everyone, for joining us on this journey.

One of those connections I made was Nikki Wilson. Nikki recently created the blog out of her growing passion for golf. She caught the golf bug and has not looked back since.

Like myself, one of Nikki’s favorite aspects of golf is the people she has met along the way. This community of liked minded women became her inspiration behind her new digital project, Fairway Birdies. And she has done a fantastic job with it.

Nikki is just getting started with her blog but has great aspirations for what it can become:

“No matter what age, what level or what club you play at, this is a place where all women can come together share, discover, educate and connect themselves with other passionate and obsessed golfers. I’ve created a positive learning environment where we can learn off each other, and where I can source useful and very interesting information, conduct interviews with the well experienced, give some inspo on fashion, organize events/workshops, some technique advice from pros and much much more! If you would like to be part of this and get yourself playing at your best on the fairway, then welcome to the Fairway Birdies!”

G&E Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Nikki as we discussed her life with golf and her budding online venture. Here is what she had to say:

Thank you for taking the time to interview with us, Nikki! Can you please give us some background on yourself and your life with golf?

Melbourne born & bread, growing up I played junior tennis, most sports at school including netball, track & field, and swimming. My family has owned Fitness Clubs all my life and are involved in the Fitness Industry. My parents and siblings all played golf at a younger age but I only started in my early forties after getting married and having three children.  My golf background is family driven. They encouraged me to join a beginner’s golf clinic at a local club learning the rules and most importantly how to play golf. I started playing socially without the stress of competition.

After 8 months I felt confident enough to join the rest of my family at Kingston Heath, starting with a handicap of 45. I’ve reduced it to 14 by getting involved with everything the club has to offer it’s women members. I’ve been able to play Interclub, Matchplay and Friday Pennant and it’s been so good for my golf. I’ve truly caught the golf bug.

When did you first start playing golf and why did you pick up the game?

One weekend when I was home alone looking after the kids and my husband was off playing golf with the rest of my family, I had a light bulb moment !!!!  Why the hell am I stuck here while they’re all out there in the sunshine enjoying themselves, especially when they arrived back late after getting held up at the 19th. I soon worked out what I was missing out on.

My youngest child started school and I was encouraged by Mum who was totally loving her golf. My sister has been playing golf since she was 14 years old and she now has a long history of winning stuff. I now understand why it was such a great idea to start learning at 40 years of age because it’s a fabulous sport and a great way to make new friends and catch up with family.

What made you want to start a blog centered around golf?

I have a group of girlfriends who I used to play basketball with “the Diamonds” who have just started out in a local golf clinic together and one of them rang me wanting to know what to wear !!!! I felt I have a lot of other info to share as well. This got me thinking about my passion and the knowledge I have from many years of playing. This is the best way I can share everything I can with women who want a life with golf.

No matter what age, what level or what club you play at, this is a place where all women can come together share, discover, educate and connect themselves with other passionate and obsessed golfers. I’ve created a positive learning environment where we can learn from each other and where I can source useful and very interesting information.

What has a bigger learning curve, starting a website or beginning to play golf?

That’s easy, beginning to play golf !!!

You need to be your own motivator to start playing, I’m sure many women would be unsure where to begin unless they had a true golfing obsessed friend like me to drag them to the fairways. This is why I really want to make golf a more welcoming & friendly place for women, I’m hoping my website can create this environment.

Have you been able to meet other women in golf through your blog?

I’m only 5 days since launching and have made contact with many ladies online but I’m looking forward to meeting in person maybe at an event I may organize in the future.

What are your goals for and yourself into the future?

My goals for is to reach out to as many women as possible to give them the inspiration to have a life with golf.  I’ve tried sharing my golf stories with my kids but it’s got to a point now where they are giving me donuts, unless we are in the car and they can’t get out !!!!

It’s going to be a place where we can share everything about golf, On the course, Mind & Body, Nutrition, Travel & of course Fashion 🙂 OMG my golf wardrobe has now taken over the entire closet and I have a couple of sneaky purchases still in bags hidden from you know who 🙂

Any advice for people who have a passion and want to start a blog around it?

It’s helpful if you are blogging about something that you are passionate about because it makes it so much easier.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My Mum !!

She’s the most awesome human to be around, lights up a room…Pennant Golfer extraordinaire.

What have you learned most from playing golf and starting your own online venture?

You can create Sunshine on a Cloudy day …