“There are going to be dark days. Just take one day at a time and always try and think positive and positive things will happen. We can’t change what has happened to us, so my philosophy is never to let what has happened to me ruin my future.”

The above quote is the philosophy that amputee professional golfer, Mike Browne, lives by.  It is an incredibly powerful mindset that many in his situation might never have the capacity to cultivate.

I had the absolute honor of being able to sit down and talk to the highly inspirational, Mike Browne. Immediately, it is hard not to be drawn in by his positive outlook on life.

Mike’s story with golf is incredibly compelling. The reason being that he was able to conquer a traumatic life changing event, and through golf, is flourishing in the face of it.

This life-changing event came in 2011 when he broke his left leg during a training exercise in the British Army. Mike had joined the army in 1998 and was enlisted for 17 years before his injury.

During the two-year recovery process, Mike’s leg suffered from an infection.  As a result, he had no other choice but to amputate the leg.

Mike’s whole life revolved around physical activity. Being in the army for most of his life and also being a massive lover of sport, most everything that meant anything to him was suddenly taken away.

Mike went into a state of depression, mentioning in our interview that he became sort of a “recluse.”

That was until he discovered golf, through the incredible charity, the On Course Foundation.  The On Course Foundation “supports the recovery of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel and Veterans through golf.”

Mike Browne On Course Foundation

With the help of On Course, Mike completely immersed himself in the game.

He would spend his days training. Working out for two hours in the mornings and spending the rest of the day practicing all facets of his game.

One could be only impressed by his incredible work ethic and beyond that his astonishingly powerful mindset.

Just three years later he has been able to completely transform his game going from shooting in the 140’s his first few times on the course, to recently shooting five under in a three-day event, the Willow Senior Golf Classic, which is part of the European Senior Tour.

As an ambassador for the On Course Foundation, Mike was invited to play as an amateur alongside the pros.  His five under for the event was good enough to beat his playing partners and European Senior Tour golf legends, Ryder Cup captain Mark James, Ian Woosnam and Andre Bossert.

Mike followed up his experience at the Willow Classic, with another unforgettable event, the Simpson Cup. “The Simpson Cup is an annual tournament between teams of 13 injured Servicemen and veterans from the USA and their British counterparts.”

Mike was able to get Great Britain a full point winning his individual match 6&5.

Mike Browne

After his fantastic outings at the Willow Classic and the Simpson Cup, Mike sat down with Mark James who suggested that he give the professional side of golf a go.

Mike hasn’t looked back since.  He recently turned pro and is playing full time on the Gecko Tour in Spain.

During the process, he has been able to cultivate a few sponsorships, including the popular golf protein drink, Max Golf Protein.

Mike Browne Brand Ambassador Max Golf Protein

I really appreciate having the opportunity to interview, not only a great golfer but an amazing person that anyone could look up to as inspiration.

Make sure to listen to the Podcast at the top of the page to hear Mike and I talk about his life, injury, how he was able to bounce back from depression with golf, his incredible experiences at the Willow Classic and Simpson Cup, and so much more.