“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t. “

This week’s feature on G&E the Podcast is a full-time travel blogger, and avid golfer Drew Binsky.  In this episode, Drew and I talk about how he relentlessly worked for 18 months to turn his dream life into a reality.

Drew is currently in Vietnam and is enjoying the fruits of his labor.  He successfully turned his passion for travel into an online business and full-time career. He is sponsored by Vietnam Golf Magazine, being paid to play and review the top
courses as he travels the country.

This kind of entrepreneurial venture did not come easy. Building a lifestyle business that allows you to travel around the world full-time takes hard work.

“I worked my ass off for 18 months without making a penny. That’s the kind of the dedication it takes. 90 percent of bloggers, or people who want to start a blog, are not going to have the motivation to keep going with it once they recieve no returns right of the bat. Stay motivated, keep working, and stay true to what you’re trying to do and eventually, people will start to notice you.” – Drew Binsky

Background on Drew

Drew grew up in Phoenix, AZ and went to college at the University of Wisconsin. He is a die-hard Badgers fan, crediting his college experience to be a major part of his early success as an entrepreneur.

“I am obsessed with my college, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I went to any other school.” – Drew Binsky

Drew’s first taste of travel came when he studied abroad in Prague during his Junior Year. He was hooked. After this experience, he knew he wanted to make a career out of traveling the world.

Upon graduating with a double major in economics and entrepreneurship, Drew took a job as a teacher in South Korea. While teaching, he dedicated 40+ hours a week towards building his travel blog, The Hungry Partier. 

After 3 years of hard work and patience, I grew The Hungry Partier to 150K+ monthly readers and I had 200K+ social media followers. – Drew Binsky

From his first success in the blogging world, Drew transitioned away from the Hungry Partier, feeling that the title had misrepresented who he is.

Now with drewbinsky.comhe is making a living through snapchat takeovers, social media campaigns, product placement, and brand ambassadorships. Drew has worked with elite brands such as GoPro, Expedia, and Elite Daily, to name a few.

Drew has also developed a golf section for his new blog. He maintains a five handicap while traveling the world, developing sponsorships with brands in golf.

Lessons Learned

Drew is an amazing example of someone who turned his passion into a career. He did so first with travel, parlaying that success into other passions such as golf. Now he has visited 95 countries and has played golf in 18 of them.

Drew is a millennial entrepreneur through and through. He shows us first hand that with determination and work ethic, you can build your dream business online.

Make sure to listen to the podcast to hear Drew talk about the process of building his business, what his lifestyle is like, how to grow a following, advice for becoming a blogger around your passion, and so much more.