The mission of G&E Magazine is to tell the stories of people on extraordinary ventures in the world of golf. Jordan Griggs and his wife Brittany exemplify this motto.

Meet Jordan. One part professional golfer.  One part online entrepreneur. One part full-time traveler.

Jordan’s pursuit of making golf his career and life is incredibly cool.  Jordan, the founder of The Dapper Drive, and Brittany, the founder of Simply for Creatives, live a lifestyle full of adventure. The couple are full-time travelers, trekking around the US in their highly renovated cross-country camper which they charmingly named Monty.

While being the couple version of Lewis & Clark, the two live on the road building their online businesses. This captivating lifestyle may make someone with dreams of a life full of travel and golf a little envious.

Inside their home on wheels

That person was Jordan until he made the big decision to leave his corporate job at Bank of America Merrily Lynch for the pursuit of his lifelong dream of professional golf. This dream, mixed with a budding passion for online entrepreneurship, is what makes Jordan’s narrative with golf so compelling.

His journey began in 2014 with the creation of his blog, The Dapper DriveJordan and Brittany had a passion for taking weekend trips which, due to his love of the game, were always planned around golf (Brittany must be one great wife). These trips, mixed with his keen interest in fashion, became the recipe for his brand.

From their weekend excursions, the idea behind The Dapper Drive was born. Jordan wanted to create a platform that would allow him and his wife to share their experiences, with hopes of inspiring others to take amazing weekend trips of their own.

Although he created The Dapper Drive while working in the finance world, dreams of a life dedicated to golf began to grow. In 2015, Jordan decided to officially take the leap towards making his passion a career.

From this original concept, Jordan had developed his blog and professional golf aspirations into a full-time pursuit. All of this culminated in leaving his job to chase his dream of one day playing on the PGA Tour.

His wife, Brittany, closed her photography studio and started an online business called Simply for Creatives. After just a year and a half since making these pivotal life decisions, the couple has been on an inspiring non-stop adventure.

It is amazing how far their endeavors have come since they made the decision to turn their weekend trips into an everyday lifestyle. They are both in the process of scaling their online businesses, Jordan has seen some nice success in golf, and they have embarked on a six-month journey across the west coast and a three-month trek around Canada and into Nova Scotia.

To hear about all the details, make sure to head over to the website to see a beautiful video that documents their exciting journey over the past 18 months. It is featured in their first installment of a series they are calling “Life On The Road” 

This is just the beginning. While they are based out of Charlotte, NC, the duo has planned their next big section of the blog. They are preparing to embark on The Ultimate Golf Trip in 2017.

Their goal is simple. “1 Year. 100 Courses. 20,000 Miles. And one epic golf road trip.”

The Ultimate Golf Road Trip
The Ultimate Golf Road Trip

Make sure to listen to the Podcast to hear Jordan talk about his amazing background in finance, the transition from a stable day job to the uncertainties of entrepreneurship, how to keep a positive mindset in the face of disappointment, and many more captivating subjects from his journey.