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Smart Putter

SMARTGOLF has launched its new Kickstarter campaign (www.kickstarter.com/projects/smartgolf/smart-putter) for their newest innovation in the world of golf technology in the form of a putter. Featuring an associated application, this Smart putter is designed to help people with busy lives practiceputting whenever and wherever they want just by connecting the putter to a phone, tablet or any other smart device.

‘What’s the point of having a passion if you don’t do anything with it?’ a team member explained, ‘With SMARTGOLF, they are trying to make sure that everyone who loves golf like them gets a chance to fully enjoy this amazing sport by practicing whenever they want and for as long as they want, even 10 minutes per day!’.

The  putter is the second SMARTGOLF product. It was developed to help people around the world practice in a very realistic way. By equipping their putter with a full set of sensors, the SMARTGOLF putter records very precisely every move the putter is making, sending this information to the player’s phone via Wi-Fi emitted by the club. This provides professional insight as to how the player is playing to improve everything from their posture to their face angle. The application will transport the player to a virtual golf practice field and help them work on their game.

Additionally, the SMARTGOLF putter can be used without the need of a phone or tablet thanks to its On/Off LED balance control system and laser pointer for practicing anywhere. Elegant and perfectly designed, the SMARTGOLF putter is a great choice as a practice or ordinary putter, allowed to be used everywhere and even during competitions as long as the training system are off.

The team behind this golf revolution has already created the highly recommended SMARTGOLF club, the world’s first high-tech swing trainer which was also funded successfully via Kickstarter 2 years ago. They are now ready to change the way golf is practiced around the world once again.

The SMARTGOLF putter is available on Kickstarter! Visit their campaign here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/smartgolf/smart-putter

Make sure to check out their Kickstart campaign soon. For a limited time, early backers can get their hands on a Smart Putter for just $149! Don’t miss out on this price as it will be retailing at $299 soon.

For more information about the company, visit their website at smartgolf.biz/smartputter/