I have been waiting for this moment for over five years. A lot has happened in those five years. For me, I’ve graduated college, started my career, gotten engaged, started this site, among other normal things. Tiger Woods has had two failed back surgeries, a DUI, a few attempted comebacks, a successful back fusion, a new outlook on life, the growth of his children, a return to golf, some flashes of old, then consistent play, a couple of close calls at majors, getting into the FedEx Cup Playoffs, and all of this pain, work, and sacrifice came full circle yesterday, with his 80th PGA Tour Victory.

I’m sure there are others like me, but I never wrote him off. Not once did I ever say the words, “He’s Done.” Tiger was the golfer that I always aspired to be from the day I first picked up a club. He captivated me to the point where I forced myself to learn how to juggle with my lob wedge while standing in front of the TV in my living room. Every putt I hit harder and played less break because that’s what Tiger did. I twirled every iron I hit and let go of the club on bad shots because that’s what Tiger did. Amid all of his hardships on and off the golf course, I never wavered in saying that he would win again. I’m not saying this to say I was right; I’m saying this because how many other athletes can you think of that no matter what was going on or what mountains they had to get over to win, you would always believe in? I can think of only one other, and that is Michael Jordan.

I find myself getting somewhat emotional writing all of this, and I think it’s because Tiger’s career has spanned almost my entire life. As he has moved into the golden years of his golf career, it makes me realize my younger years are starting to wain and that I too am moving into another chapter of life. So that win hit home with me and made me think what all I or anyone else can do in 5 years? For Tiger, it’ll be questions about golf. Can he get to 82 wins? No Doubt. Can he win another major? Absolutely. Can he catch Jack? Body willing, I don’t see anything that should make me think otherwise. For me, the questions will be different but seeing a comeback like this should give us all confidence to answer whatever they may be.

So, here’s to you Tiger, thank you for filling 22 years and counting with “Victory Red”, fist pumps, clutch putts, remarkable iron shots, beautiful power fades off the tee, the stare, Tiger Roar’s, that smile on the 18th green with trophy in hand and most of all making this 25-year-old young man feel like the kid copying your every move in the living room. I’ll see you at Augusta in April with the azaleas in full bloom.