My journey into Entrepreneurship begins today, on a gloomy Monday morning in Boston listening to my favorite music while writing about my future. After five years in the corporate world, I made a tough decision to leave my company in pursuit of my deepest passions in life. I’m more than blessed for all of the opportunities I have had, but now is the time I start listening to my gut and make decisions that are of the utmost importance to my future success. Not only am I happy, I’m excited about what I can make of myself in this world that begins now!

I’m overtaken by excitement as I contemplate business endeavors that will shape the next phase of my life. I’m stoked to be joining the Shred Season team to follow my passion for surfing. It is the excitement of that perfect wave that makes it all worthwhile. The outdoor environment and nature allow me to free my mind to inspire creativity and a way of thinking that I cannot find elsewhere. Surfing enables me to connect with nature in a physical and spiritual way to inspire my greatest ideas. “A wave a day keeps the doctor away”, by Matthew Wetmore. But apples still work too. Shred Season gives me the ability to do what I love while helping people along the way. Oh and make some side cash, I’ve got bills too.

BoomTower Brands is a business I’m creating out of passion and my excitement for the game of golf. My first of many entrepreneurial ventures and easily the greatest professional risk I’ve taken. As Steve Harvey says, “You have to jump”. He sure is right. I dream of a place in golf where BoomTower is a recognizable name that the world sees as a positive, influential brand that promotes the benefits of golf, fitness, and entrepreneurship. It is a brand to represent the journey of amateur and aspiring professional golfers. Think of PGA Tour professionals like Smylie Kaufman, Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas and Jordan Speith. They certainly knew how to enjoy their Spring Break at the remarkable Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas two years running. What else would they yell after smashing drives and chugging beers other than #BOOMTOWER? #SB2K16 and #SB2K17 certainly did not disappoint. From golfing shirt and shoe-less to drinking tequila and jumping off docks and boats, we were all at least a tiny bit envious.

As an amateur, the inspiration to be a better golfer resonates in many areas of my life. From the values that are so clearly displayed in the sport, to the genuine character that is most often represented by those who take part. These young professionals have the opportunity of a lifetime to travel the world doing what they love. The challenges they face each day on the PGA TOUR are nothing short of chaotic. Staying in shape physically and mentally while competing on some of the toughest stages in the world is unprecedented. To me, this speaks not only to their discipline but respect for the game.

What do professional golfers and entrepreneurs have in common you may ask? Sheer tenacity to never give up. Never letting the odds win. Passion and desire fuels’ them to inspire the world and follow their dreams. Professional golf is a leap of faith and courage. Same with entrepreneurship. It requires discipline, diligence and most importantly confidence. Every damn day. You need to wake up each and every day while reminding yourself why you do what you do. This is vital when life gets hard. And it always does, don’t forget that. Come up with ways to remind yourself of the true passion within. It is easy to be positive when things are good, but what happens when failure approaches when you least expected? Negative thoughts creep in like the plague. That is when you need to be 100% certain of your purpose and why. Remember exactly why it is you play golf or pursue an entrepreneurial life. This fire will continue to burn. If you let it go out then move on. Go find that flame and ignite your life once again.

What comes to mind when you hear ‘BoomTower’? I need the advice of readers, listeners, golfers and entrepreneurs alike. Your feedback will help us cultivate a name that we can grow together to support our dreams of entrepreneurship and professional golf. You are the most important part of the business and journey of BoomTower. I visualize a future where BoomTower is a known leader in golf, health, and wellness. Our goal is to encapsulate what it takes to thrive as entrepreneur, golfer or whatever your respective career. This takes willpower, determination, and confidence. So take those things and help me build a brand that we can grow together. Let’s support the next generation of entrepreneurs and golfers with the tools and information they need to succeed!