Alex Elliott is a professional golf instructor, caddy and YouTuber. The latter being a career path that didn’t exist ten years back but has provided opportunity to the ambitious who pursue it with persistence. This was the case for Alex as he recently inked a deal with Puma Cobra as a sponsor but not without months and months of work to fuel the steady growth of his channel. And the beauty of it all, his social media career and teaching business have a symbiotic relationship. But before we get into how that all works, let’s rewind back a bit to the start.

Alex grew up in Manchester, England and had dreams of a life on tour from a young age. At 18, he turned pro off a +1 handicap. So needless to say, he is a very, very strong player. But as the old PGA Tour motto goes, “These Guys Are Good.”

“When I caddied on the European tour for a spout, I noticed that I knew I was a good player but these guys were something else. That was the changing point for me. I can’t play which was my initial dream, but I want to be involved in golf. I want to make sure I am around golf in some shape or form.”

So instead of mortgaging his career against a life as a touring pro, Alex decided to leverage his unique perspective on the game. Caddying on the circuit while playing professionally exposed a vantage point into the inner workings of how professional athletes train. The takeaway: Amateurs make the game and swing extremely complicated while professionals tirelessly work to simplify every aspect of their efforts.

Alex Elliott Golf

This realization became the ethos of his social media brand and teaching philosophy. Alex Elliott Golf has one goal. Help golfer’s by educating them on the simplicity they should strive for in every aspect of their game.

In many ways, Alex has become the mold for how the modern golf instructor should market themselves. By showcasing your teaching philosophy on social media, you can build an audience that in turn become your clients. Andrew Rice was one of the originals who used this model, and the younger generation is following along. With 150+ clients across the globe, Alex is proof that it works.

But there are more positives to this approach than just new clients. Developing a fan base online can lead to a multitude of opportunities including sponsorship, bringing in new revenue streams that were previously irrelevant. Influencer marketing is a billion dollar plus industry and golfers across the globe are enjoying this advantageous situation.

With a solid foundation for his brand, Alex has some big goals for the future, and we are excited to watch it all unfold. He joined us on the podcast this week to discuss his unique journey with golf and with that has some extraordinary insights into creating your ideal life around the game.

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