Most innovative businesses have a few things in common. One of those is seeing a gap in the market and taking advantage. For Megan LaMothe, that potential opportunity was in golf clothing for women. It was outdated. Some would say even stale. So she decided to change this by bringing Foray Golf to the world. The mission behind the modern clothing company is to encourage women to play golf by giving them clothes they would actually want to wear on the course.

Stephanie Kono for Foray Golf
Stephanie Kono for Foray Golf

The Inspiration Behind Foray Golf

After chatting with Megan, I was quick to think of an interview I did with another fashion entrepreneur in golf, the former Managing Director and Owner of Trendy Golf USA, Adrienne Cass. Both are full of energy, and more importantly, have a strong passion for their craft of making you feel good on the course.

And at the end of the day, that is what Megan wants to do. After picking up golf during a date with her now husband at Chelsea Piers, she became hooked on the game. Everything about it she liked. Except for the clothing.

Megan didn’t get why you could be comfortable and confident going out at night or to the gym, but when you went to the golf course, you felt like you were wearing a uniform. So like a lot of us who love the sport, she decided to do something about it, and her background was perfect for just that.

Megan’s Background

Coming out of college at Colgate University, Megan had the unique opportunity to be an assistant to Suzy and Jack Welsh, one of the more iconic business executives of our time. She was working with them during the publishing of their book, Winning. During the book tours, she got exposed to all the fantastic business schools around the country and decided this is where she belonged.

After receiving an MBA from NYU, she hustled her way into the fashion space through a somewhat nonlinear path. Megan eventually found herself at Victoria Secret right around the time her passion for golf was growing. At Victoria Secret, she would be in meetings discussing innovative materials that were perfect for an athlete and did not understand why this type of technology was not available for women golfers.

“It was that aha moment. This is happening everywhere else, but it isn’t happening in golf.”

Along with seeing this opportunity in the market, Megan wanted to inspire her newborn daughter, Rae. By starting her own business, she could show her first hand that if you believe in an idea and work relentlessly towards it, you can achieve anything.

“For me, I need to do something to show her that her mom works hard, and that it is something that I can build for her. It’s almost like a parable, you can make something from nothing. You can do anything if you believe you can. That’s sort of the raison d’etre of what we are. It’s Foray. Literally For Rae.”

Megan LaMothe and her daughter
Megan LaMothe and her daughter

So in 2016, she took the leap into entrepreneurship. Foray Golf was born and it today’s podcast, Megan dives into her journey of becoming a business owner and the perseverance it takes to build something of your own.