Carolina Romero, aka The Fit Golfer Girl, is as mentally strong as she is physically. It was a true pleasure to interview her as she gave us a great look into her incredible entrepreneurial mindset and work ethic.

Carolina grew up in Bogota, Columbia playing competitive golf for most her life. She picked up the game at 9 and developed into quite the player. Her early years with golf culminated in a scholarship to the University of South Florida, where she majored in finance and economics.

Upon graduating, Carolina found herself with a dream financial job in NYC. All was great until 6 months in. She quickly realized she did not love her job. She did not feel fulfilled. She needed to make a change.

This was an incredibly hard decision. She was making good money straight out of college. This was also in 2010 when the economy was not at its peak.

She decided to take her time, using every free moment she had to work on her dream. This was to combine her two passions, golf, and fitness.

Birds of a feather fly together

Carolina lived by this motto for the next five years. She surrounded herself with the best fitness people she could find in NYC and New Jersey and learned from them.

While working full-time, Carolina woke up early to get her workouts in and stayed up late studying fitness and nutrition. She hosted boot camps for free. Trained her friends for free. Fitness was not about the money. It was about the experience. It was about taking each small step towards her dream career. She did everything she could to make it work.

Five years later, the time came where she was able to quit her job. She moved back to Florida, the golf capital of the U.S., to start her golf fitness career.

Being that Florida is seasonal, all her fitness clients would be there in the winter months then head back to where they resided. This left her with some downtime in the summer. As you can tell from her story so far, Carolina does not like downtime. She likes to be on the move progressing towards a goal.

Last summer, she took a glance at the online world for golf fitness. Looking at Instagram, she realized there was an opportunity for her to create something new and fun. Being aware that she is fortunate to have impressive experience in both golf and fitness, she decided she was going to use her free time to create The Fit Golfer Girl.

Now, seven months later, Carolina has grown her Instagram account to 10,000+ followers. She coupled this with an excellent website where her fans can read her blog and sign up for golf fitness programs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Carolina take a deep dive into her story in Episode 8 of G&E The Podcast. We discuss all the hard work required to pursue a passion while working full-time, the importance of mentorship, her three keys to building a dream career, and so much more.