Welcome back to our weekly audio series, G&E The Podcast, where we dive deep into the lives of people creating remarkable careers around this great game.

This week we have a phenomenal guest for you all. Matt Lemman, who is a Partner at the popular Jones Golf Bags, joined us to talk about the rich history of the brand.

In the episode:

  • We dive deep into Jones Golf Bags founding in 1971 and why it dominated the market for two decades.
  • The reasons for its purchase in 1990 and how this lead to the eventual decline of the brand.
  • Why the current team came along and bought Jones in 2011 and decided to relaunch it around the vintage carry bag.
  • And everything that has gone into getting the business to where it is today since.

It is a jam-packed show, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Listen to the episode below or on Apple Podcast or wherever you get your podcast. And as always, thanks for listening! If you are enjoying our show, please subscribe, rate, and review.