This week we have a fascinating story for you all on the podcast. Jon Mason joined us on the show. He is the founder of Swing Juice. A golf lifestyle apparel company that focuses on t-shirt designs that golfers would love. But how the company got to this point is incredibly unique.

Swing Juice began as an energy drink company that started during the days when the Red Bulls, Vitamin Waters, etc, were becoming a part of everyday life. Jon loved golf and wanted to create a drink for your everyday golfer. He took the idea and ran with it culminating in the drink being stocked in over 300 locations including the holy grail, Whole Foods.

But to scale the company to compete with the big name brands at the time was going to take a monumental effort. Jon didn’t know if he wanted to take that next step at this point in his life. Social media also introduced a pain point. He was developing a big fan base around the brand but struggled to ship the product as the model was retail-based so far.

So he decided to pivot to what we know as Swing Juice today. Give today’s episode a listen to learn all about the captivating entrepreneurial journey that Jon has been on.

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