This week’s podcast is a special one. Not just because it is our 50th episode, which by the way thank you to everyone who has been listening to the show. The support we have received so far has been incredible, and we could not be more appreciative to all our listeners!

It’s because we have Sean Ogle, founder of Location Rebel and Breaking Eighty, joining us. I could not think of a better guest to have on to celebrate this landmark. Sean was hands down one of the biggest inspirations to me when starting G&E Magazine. When our growing media company was just a domain, I stumbled across his site Location Rebel. On the blog, Sean documented his successful journey from being unhappy at his job, to starting his own online business that allowed him to work anywhere in the world. The life he lived was remarkable, and the below video was the icing on the cake. I just had to get started.

Since coming across Location Rebel a few years back, I discovered that Sean also had a growing presence in the golf community around his stellar blog and Instagram account, Breaking Eighty. The blog was focused on his pursuit to shoot that coveted 79 while playing the top 100 courses in the world. And since then, he has turned the brand into another growing online business and community.

For anyone who wants to play more golf, travel the world, and work from their laptop, this one is for you. A big thank you to Sean for coming on the podcast, and I hope you all enjoy our conversation about how he started his first online business, his life with golf, advice for people who want to do the same, and so much more.

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