Matt Parziale just loves golf. The man lives to compete. Most recently, he tested his game on golf’s biggest stage. This year’s Masters. And his story of getting into the game’s most sacred grounds is more interesting than most.

Coming off of an excellent college career, Matt made the declaration to turn pro in 2009. After bouncing around the mini-tours and Monday qualifiers for a few years, the lifestyle of living broke while chasing the dream was starting to wear on him. He came to an all too often reflection point for many aspiring touring pros. How much longer can I go after this?

So he determined it was time for a change. Matt decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, becoming a firefighter while realigning his goals with golf. He was far from hanging up the cleats. If anything, he was just getting started.

After reclaiming his amateur status, Matt started his meteoric rise up the ranks culminating in a U.S. Mid-Am title in 2017. With victory came a coveted trophy and a few things all golfers dream of. Official invites to play in the 2018 Masters and U.S. Open.

Matt Parziale came on this week’s podcast to discuss his epic adventure with competitive golf. With a major theme of the show being individuals creating remarkable lives around the game, his experience is a pure example of that statement.

In this week’s episode we talk about his background with golf, his thought process during his Mid-Am title push, practice rounds with Tiger, his dad on the bag at the Masters and much more. A big thank you to Matt for coming on the podcast!

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