Social media and golf is a beautiful thing. There is arguably no better sport for platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Golf is visual. And always full of stories. Individuals and brands have been able to leverage social media to build remarkable businesses and careers around the game.

Jay Revell saw this happening and thought to himself that he had to get in on this movement. For him, he always loved writing. And golf has been his lifelong passion. He just never thought of combining the two.

That was until he went to a course called Sweetens Cove and was moved to write about the experience. So, he took to his laptop and put together an article. Next thing he knew, he was getting such a great reception from it that he decided to do it again. And again. And again.

And now, some seven months later Jay is starting to make a name for himself and opportunities are coming with it. He also sees the light at the end of the tunnel that this could one day be his full-time dream job.

Introducing our guest on this week’s episode of G&E The Podcast, golf scribe, Jay Revell. On the podcast we talk about his life with golf, what inspired him to start writing, how he is getting his work in front of the right people, his vision for turning this side-hustle into a career, and a whole lot more. A big thank you to Jay for taking the time to come on the show.

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