Professional golf requires a lot of work. And not just from a practice and tournament perspective. Most mini-tour players have a side-hustle or two to make ends meet while they pursue their ultimate goal. That is the case for this week’s guest on the show, Anna, and Armana of the Graceful Golfer.

And their most recent project is full of passion. One day on a drive to a tournament, the two came up with the idea to collaborate on a blog. The Graceful Golfer was born. Their goal with their new venture, to reach and empower more women to pick up golf while sharing their journeys in the professional game along the way.

Anna and Armana are both wise beyond their years and have some extraordinary insights into golf, entrepreneurship, and life in general. A big thank you to the both of them for coming on the show.

In this week’s episode we talk about their lives on the mini-tours, what a day in the life looks like, their vision for the Graceful Golfer moving forward, advice for aspiring professional golfers, and so much more.

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