If you’re a big fan of Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons like myself, then you know the importance of a good grip. It’s arguably the most critical aspect of the swing. It’s like building a house before the foundation. Without it, everything else you worked so hard on will eventually collapse. Especially under a little bit of pressure.

So why is it that so often players let their grips wear down to nothing hindering their game? We spend thousands of dollars on clubs, yet the one item that connects our equipment to the first fundamental flys way under the radar.

One guy who takes the golf grip very seriously is Bob Lamkin who’s company, Lamkin Grips, has been innovating that connection of hands to club for years. 92 to be exact.

What all started in his great-grandfather, Elver Lamkin’s, garage in 1925 has grown into one of the biggest brands in golf. Now, Bob Lamkin as the President & CEO works hard to carry on his families rich legacy while continuing to innovate the golf grip.

A big thank you to Bob for taking the time to come on the show. In this week’s episode, we talk all about the entrepreneurial journey that is Lamkin Grips, how the company evolved from leather grips out of a garage to a global corporation, what it’s like to manage a worldwide brand, his relationship with Arnold Palmer, and so much more.

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