Stitch Golf.  A brand rooted in detail. And their founder, Charlie Burgwyn, epitomizes the ethos of the business he created. After listening to this week’s episode of G&E The Podcast, you will understand how the companies mission statement is really a reflection of the man who built it.

“Stitch® strives to be the only company you will see with such precise attention to detail, all the way down to the last stitch.”

Charlie comes from a rich background in golf. After becoming a Class A PGA Professional, he had the opportunity to work with iconic brands such as Ashworth, Callaway, and Maui Jim. These experiences, especially with Ashworth, gave him the chance to see first hand what it took to scale a business from nothing into a multi-million dollar brand. In many ways, this was where he initially became inspired to one day pursue entrepreneurship.

“That to me had just a huge impact on where I am today. I told a friend after my first sales meeting at Callaway that I am going to do this for ten years and then start my own deal.”

And ten years later, Stitch Golf was born.

What makes Charlie’s story so amazing is not just the business he has created but how he did it. He started Stitch when America was in a recession. All the while on the heels of two car accidents that forced him into the position to find a new career path in the first place.

But like so many great entrepreneurs, Charlie is an optimist. With the ability to see the positive in negative circumstances, he took what many would see as a difficult situation, and saw an opportunity. The chance to build his dream brand.

So he started. With a simple plan to develop the worlds best headcover. And did he ever.

After six years, Stitch Golf has grown from himself and his dad hustling to get it off the ground, to one of the fastest growing brands in golf. They have leaped into different product lines and are launching something new and exciting this Father’s Day (you will have to listen to the podcast to see what that is).

A big thank you to Charlie for taking the time to come on the show. It was an absolute pleasure to have him share his story with us all.

Check out this week’s episode to learn all about Charlie’s career, what the early days of Stitch Golf were like, his keys to growing at a rapid pace, and his timeless advice to any entrepreneur or an individual aspiring to be.

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