Being in golf, you may think of Ecco as strictly a golf company. I did, but after today’s podcast, I was quick to learn that they are so much more than that. Not only are they the 4th largest golf footwear brand in the world, but they also have an incredible business outside of Ecco Golf.

Originally founded in 1963, the family-owned Danish company is in their third generation. And they are different than most big brands due to the fact that they own every aspect of their business. From their tanneries to their footwear factories, Ecco keeps everything in-house.

With this setup, Ecco has been making high-quality footwear for decades outside of golf and have a very robust tannery business.

This dedication to quality lead to Ecco making a move into golf, and in 2010 their line blew up. This was due to Fred Couples and his 2010 Masters effort. Ecco decided to launch their Hybrid Street premier shoe with Mr. Cool as the Ambassador. Due to his phenomenal play, Couples landed the cover of the Wall Street Journal. Front and center was a golf shoe like no one had seen before.

The orders came in faster than they could produce and Ecco has not looked back since as the hybrid golf shoe is now a mainstream product in the sport.

This week on the podcast, David Helter of Ecco Golf, came on the show to talk about the history of the company, the evolution of their golf line, and how their partnership with Fred Couples put their entire hybrid style shoe on the map.

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