This week’s guest on the podcast needs no introduction. John Ashworth, co-founder of Linksoul, came on the show to talk about his remarkable career and life. Needless to say, this man has done it all.

From starting an apparel company that revolutionized the industry with Ashworth clothing, to saving a local municipal and starting a movement with Goat Hill Park, John is someone any entrepreneur can look to for inspiration.

These are just a few of the topics we touch on in this detailed interview. John and I discuss his upbringing, his post-grad years caddying on the PGA Tour, the hustle that went into the rise of Ashworth, his time living in Scotland, the inspiration behind Linksoul, their new persimmon venture with Louisville Golf, and his final thoughts on entrepreneurship and life.

A big thank you to John for coming on the show. Enjoy!

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