One of the best aspects of golf is that you can dress to match your style. Maybe you’re more of the classic type and like a slick polo with some wingtip cleats. Or maybe you’re more on the modern side of things and like mixing in a little G/Fore or Nike with some hybrid shoes. It doesn’t matter. With golf, you can express yourself through what you wear.

This is one of the many amazing things about the game. The style of it.

And when it comes to getting decked out for your next foursome there is no better place to go then Trendy Golf USA. Like the name represents, Trendy Golf is your one-stop shop for all the hottest apparel lines in golf. We warned you though, after going through their site your wishlist may get a bit long.

The brand was originally founded in the UK but was looking to spread its influence to the states. In comes Adrienne Cass, this week’s guest on the podcast. Adrienne is the Founder of Trendy Golf USA and has an incredible passion for the apparel side of golf. She loves to make you look good on the course. And well, look good, play good, right?

Right! And with this love for what she does, Adrienne has grown Trendy Golf USA, with the help of her team, to a staple in the industry.

On this week’s episode, she shares with us the evolution of her career and business, her thoughts on golf apparel and that side of the industry as a whole, how she leads her team and much more. Enjoy!

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