If you haven’t heard of Bradley Putters yet, you will.

They are literally changing the game with their handmade high tech wooden putters that you are guaranteed to love.

Meet their Founder, Brad Converse. He’s a hustler. And with that mindset, Brad has built one of the hottest brands in golf in just 14 months.

One of the coolest things about Brad’s company is he documents EVERYTHING on Instagram. From his first putter to methods he has used to grow his business, you name it; he is talking about it. And with this approach, he has leveraged his social media following in a personal way that allows his customers to feel connected to his business.

With a background as a military contractor designing military equipment to survive nuclear blasts, Brad is a smart guy with incredible insights into the startup life. He has an inspiring passion for what he does, and after listening to this interview, you will see why he has been able to build a great brand at such a fast pace.

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