Matt Cardis aspires to inspire. One look at his Instagram page, Golf In Your State, and you can tell why. Since he started his brand a mere 15 months ago, Matt is now a full-time golf photographer, traveling the country to shoot courses and content for brands.

After the death of a close friend and the realization that life is too short, Matt left his job in the pursuit of a dream career. He packed up his car and embarked on an epic golf road trip.

21000 miles, 72 courses, and 22 states later, Matt was beginning to garner a following around his work on Instagram.

This trip was the start of Golf In Your State, and his brand has been growing rapidly since. Our good friend Matt came on the podcast this week to talk about the evolution of his business, his favorite road trips, the behind the scenes work it takes to have this type of career, the 2018 PGA Show, and much more.

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