Digital media affects everything. Especially how we market. And creativity has never been more important. With a mostly democratic social media, great work can flourish. Possibly the most famous example, Dollar Shave Club and their iconic Youtube ad that has over 25 million views.

It’s funny. It’s catchy. You haven’t visited their website yet but you already love the brand.

This imaginative way of marketing has been adopted near and far. Hudson Sutler, a travel gear company out of NYC, is taking a similar approach.

They are all about being more than a product. Hudson Sutler has worked hard to represent a certain lifestyle. One dedicated to getting out and exploring the world. Or as they would call it, #TheNextEscape.

So they took to social media showcasing this ideology everywhere. Using platforms like Youtube, the brand is able to connect with and enter multiple markets. They specifically struck a chord with the golfing community. A hilarious video titled #RespectTheGreenJacket did a fine job assisting this effort.

It’s clever. Made you think of the greatest event in sports. Made you laugh. And most importantly, made you curious to learn more.

This is just one of the many creative marketing techniques Hudson Sutler has employed through their growth. This video landed in golf magazines across the internet putting the brand on the map. Overall, they have done a phenomenal job leveraging all social channels.

Grant Hewit, a co-founder at Hudson Sutler, was gracious enough to come on the podcast and talk about the companies development. From the idea of taking the classic duffel bag and giving it a modern approach, to stories of how their bags ended up in the World Cup and the movie Manchester by the Sea, we talk about it all.

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