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Like most golfers, you would probably enjoy getting a lesson from Rickie Fowler.

But how is that possible.

Well, do you have five bucks and a smartphone? Yes, you heard that right. Success Series, an up and coming virtual reality platform, is allowing you to get one on one lessons with sports most prominent stars.

And their first ambassador. The man himself. Rickie Fowler.

We had the pleasure to sit down with Anthony Puntoriero, the Founder, and CEO of Success Series in this week’s episode of G&E The Podcast to discuss his latest venture.

About The Founder

After getting the chance to talk with Anthony you immediately get the sense that he is a guy with incredible self-belief.

“I believe in what I do. Not everyone is going to see your dream. Not everyone is going to believe in what you do or who you are, but you can pursue that. I may not be the smartest person, but I am definitely the most prepared, I am definitely the most organized, and I have a belief in what I am trying to do.”

With this mindset, Anthony has seen some significant success from an early age as an entrepreneur. At 22, he launched his first business in construction and successfully sold it for profit in 2008.

But his passion lied in sports, more specifically golf. Upon his successful exit, he had the opportunity to build his dream business in the sport industry.

Born was Instant Sponsor. A business that he thought up while traveling with some of his buddies on the PGA Tour.

He noticed how players ranked outside the top 50 had very little sponsorship despite the TV time they received when in contention. Instant Sponsor solved that problem. They allowed companies to connect with these athletes for short-term sponsorship deals.

But he did not want his handprint on the industry to stop there. With the rise of virtual reality over the past few years, he saw another opening. One that would bring iconic athletes into your everyday life. And where better to start than with the game he loved. And who better to start with than arguably the most popular golfer of the millennial generation.

Success Series is the first of it’s kind, and with it, Anthony and his team hope to change the way you receive golf instruction.

“The fact that you can take a lesson from a guy that just won the Hero and shot 11 under in the last round, that makes my blood boil, and that excites me. That is what Success Series is all about.”

Episode 29 of G&E The Podcast | Golf & Entrepreneurship

It was a pleasure getting the chance to talk with Anthony about one of the most exciting start-ups in golf heading into 2018. Anthony does not hold back giving us fantastic insights into his career, what it is like to work with Rickie Fowler, how he plans to take Success Series into other sports, and much more. Enjoy!