If you have been following along with G&E Magazine, and my personal column since it’s inception, then you know I am a huge proponent of the power of social media. Not just the ability to build a brand, but also the relationships you are able to cultivate around what you love to do.

It is also no secret that Instagram is arguably the strongest of these platforms. It allows the art of storytelling to flourish. You can get lost on an influencer’s page scrolling through photo after photo. By the end, you feel like you know them.

This “storytelling” aspect of Instagram is what allows people to develop a brand centered around their expertise. You can quite literally create a narrative about your passion and attract people from around the world who enjoy that craft as much as you.

And that is why it is so powerful. With a lot of hard work, you can build a substantial following, meet like-minded individuals, and create friendships and connections you may have never had before.

That is where Jordan Griggs and Matt Cardis come into the story. Two guys who love golf, traveling, and photography and have highly engaged followings around their talents. And the two met and became great friends through Instagram.

The Sprint to Streamsong

If you have been following along with each of their journies (if you haven’t you need to check them out at @thedapperdrive and @golfinyourstate) then you are familiar with the golf road trips these guys embark on.

If your not, let me take a quick second to fill you in. Jordan Griggs, the founder of The Dapper Drive and our first ever guest on the podcast, is a full-time traveling golfer and photographer with his wife Britney. The two have been on some jaw-dropping adventures over the past couple years and have done an incredible job developing an online presence. To learn more about The Dapper Drive story read our feature on the duo here

Matt Cardis, the founder of Golf In Your State, has a similar background to Jordan. As a nomadic golfer, he has cultivated a following on Instagram around his knack for photography while documenting his travels and overall lifestyle. With a lot of hustle, he is in the process of turning this into his full-time career. If you follow his page, I am sure you can tell why. He is damn good behind the lens.

“Jordan and I connected about a year ago on Instagram and had the opportunity to play a couple rounds together late last year and the friendship grew from there.” – Matt Cardis

With backgrounds like these, it only seems right that the two get together for an epic collaboration. If not for themselves, then for the envious golfer who wants to live vicariously through them.

And that brings us to The Sprint to Streamsong. A monumental road trip between the two nomadic golfers. 10 days. 15 courses. 1500 miles. 1 gassed up Winnebago. And the open road from New York to Florida.

But the excursion is not just for pleasure. This is their job. And they have both worked very hard to be able to do this. With the Sprint to Streamsong, the guys were able to showcase a few of their favorite brands, shine a light on some incredible courses, and above all else, do what they love to do.

Check out these weeks podcast on iTunes to learn all about their friendship, stories from the trip such as being featured on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, their future plans, and much more. Enjoy.