Lie + Loft. A company as cool as their name is clever. In golf, as in life, you have to play it where it lies, give it a little loft, and let it fly. Always doing your best with whatever situation life tends to throw your way.

This relation of life and golf is what the brand is all about. Lie + Loft represents the individual who is not just a golfer. You are an adventurer. A traveler. A creator. Someone who lives to see where golf and the game of life can take you.

And they are doing this by connecting golf and home with their incredible art and growing brand.

For many, the golf course can feel like home. No matter where you are in the world or who you are with, golf has that innate ability to bring over you a certain feeling. And everyone who plays knows what that is.

Lie + Loft has captured this feeling in their brand. “Golf is home.” And they have an amazing way of showing that with their products.

Meet the Founder

A brand this creative has to have a founder to match. And they do. Meet Luke Davis.

Luke grew up around the game of golf but was not an avid player. He originally went to college for baseball. In his freshman year, he blew out his arm which can now be looked back on as a blessing in disguise.

With more free time on his hands, he got a job at a golf course doing maintenance with the greens crew. Each day when their shift was over, they would head out on the course to play.

Luke was hooked. Golf was becoming a lifestyle. He made a choice to switch his major to the PGA golf management program at NC State with the goal of one day being a head pro.

After going through the program, Luke came to the realization that being a head professional was not his calling. Upon graduating, he started a career in software sales at Lenovo and successfully worked his way into a nice sales career with multiple companies.

Something was missing though. He lost his connection to golf. Playing from time to time on the weekends wasn’t the same as being in the industry. He was looking for a way back in. Around that time he bought his first home and came across an opportunity.

Inspiration From a Golf Cave

Luke was decorating his first home and like many avid golfers, he had a room dedicated to golf. A golf cave if you will. He was looking for ways to decorate the room and wanted to fill the walls with unique artwork.

After scouring the internet, what he was looking for did not exist. Modern and contemporary golf decor to match his personal style was nowhere to be found.

Like anyone with entrepreneurial blood, Luke decided to create it on his own. With the help of some friends, he began teaching himself graphic design with the goal of creating unique prints that consisted of course maps and images of golf courses he had worked at in his life.

Friends began noticing his awesome work and an idea was born. What if this could be a brand? Golf art with a modern and contemporary feel. That is something every golfer would want in their home.

Luke took the idea and ran with it. He transitioned into an independent sales roles with a couple golf brands (Linksoul, Jones Golf Bags) he believed in to get back in the industry. On nights and weekends, he built Lie + Loft.

The Brand Comes to Life

As a side hustler, it is important to make sure you take care of yourself. It can be a lot working full-time while building a business. And it can be easy to burn out.

This is something Luke takes into great consideration. The importance of grinding every day while being mindful of self-care. Knowing that a lot is on your plate and if you go at it every day it will build and grow. Just be patient and make sure to have some balance in your life.

With this mindset, Luke was able to take his side hustle and turn it into his full-time career.

Now he is living his dream. And has a growing team with him.

To keep with this mentality of working hard while taking care of yourself, Luke implemented this ideology into his awesome company culture. He and his team take epic road trips to get away while building content for the brand.

Their most recent adventure, the team rented a van and drove cross-country to the PGA show in Las Vegas. Along the way, they played some golf, camped on public land, and captured some incredible content for Lie + Loft. (Check out their Instagram page here to see some behind the scene’s footage of the trip.)

“It’s the essence of who we are. At our core, were adventures, were creators, were explorers, were golfers. So, these trips are an expression of who we are, our products and it all weaves together. It is our DNA.”

Luke has been able to develop an incredible brand so far and has no plans of stopping soon. With great ambition for the future, Lie + Loft is one of the most exciting start-ups to follow in golf.

Episode 21 of G&E The Podcast | Golf & Entrepreneurship

This week’s podcast with Luke was a pleasure. In the epi sode, we dive deep into Luke’s story discussing his phenomenal journey with the game. Luke shares with us the process of building his brand, advice for balancing a full-time job while building a business, stories from their road trips, and much more. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!