“That’s the difference between just having a business to make money and having an opportunity that helps people. That’s a lot more exciting and inspiring for me to wake up every day and know there is another element to this. It’s improving peoples lives. That’s what get’s me excited about the QOD.”

Malachi McGlone entered the entrepreneurial world of golf with dreams to make a business he cared about. A career that would give him a strong purpose beyond the cut throat atmosphere of his previous roles in Hollywood. But taking that leap was a tough decision.

After years of grinding, Malachi achieved a goal he set from the start. To become an Executive Producer. It was a position he wanted since he first set foot on a TV set during a college internship. But this career path was lacking fulfillment. He wanted more out of what he did every day.

“When I looked at it from a practical stand point as this blue collar kid who grew up in Philly caddying and saying look, you finally got to what you wanted to achieve, you finally have financial security in life and now you’re just going to say it’s not really for me. That was tough. But ultimately I feel like life is only worth living if you are doing what you are passionate about.”

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Malachi first got into golf when at 13 he became a caddy at Stonewall Links. He immersed himself in the game. When he wasn’t caddying, working the bag room, or bartending in the clubhouse, he was playing. He joined his high school golf team and continued to play competitively in college.

Malachi’s aspiration was to become a head professional. That was until he received an internship with a TV show and his path took a turn. He started from the bottom and worked his way through entertainment until he began looking for a change.


Malachi had his eyes on getting back into golf and came across an opportunity. Through multiple injuries, he was beginning to lose the simple pleasure of walking a golf course. It was an activity he loved. Riding a cart was not an option.

“I want to play the game without carrying or pushing my bag. I want to play golf like everyone on tour plays. You get to hit your shot, walk down the fairway, taking in the sights and sounds and you can focus on the game… Why isn’t there a cart that allows me to do this?”

From this desire, he began research into developing his own product. During the process, he came across an advertisement for QOD Golf and could not believe he had never heard of it. It turned out to be a small shop out of Australia and he placed an order the next day.

Malachi was taken away by the quality of the cart. He put together a business plan to become the US Distributor and the rest is history.

QOD Golf USA launched this summer and he has been hustling ever since.

Episode 19 of G&E The Podcast | Golf & Entrepreneurship

Malachi McGlone has a great outlook on the entrepreneurial spirit needed to start your own business, with a work ethic to match. He provides great value to our listeners as he dives deep into what the day to day of starting your own business looks like.

In Episode 19, we discuss how to deal with and solve the inevitable problems that will come your way, the long hours that are necessary when you wear multiple hats as the Founder, the risk of going out on your own, and so much more.