Family. Entrepreneurship. And a strong passion to help with cancer research. That is the recipe behind Arm Guard. A brand started by Curtis Lamb and his two sons, Daxton and Cale, to do their part in taking action to prevent cancer.

How are they doing this you may ask? With their premium sun sleeves. The Arm Guard team did not take any shortcuts when creating their product, and the results speak for themselves.

The Premium Sun Sleeve UV50’s are superb. They keep your arms protected from the suns harmful rays while the moisture-wicking fabric allows you to stay cool during those long rounds. And a percentage of profits goes to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Curtis’ story leading to the start of Arm Guard is inspiring. It came from a realization of how many lives are truly affected by cancer.

Created Out of An Eye-Opening Experience

Growing up in the balmy Arizona heat, Curtis was a sports junky. You name it, he was playing it. If it had a ball and was outside, there was a good chance he was partaking.

As his life developed, outdoor activities continued to stay close to his heart. He had always been a golfer and found a love for cycling a few years ago. When he started, he joined a group called the Huntsman Hometown Heros, who help raise money for cancer research through biking, running, and outdoor events.

He joined the group as a result of a traumatic life event. In 2008, Curtis was misdiagnosed with Lymphoma. For a few weeks, he went through hell waiting to see what was going to happen.

“This (diagnosis) sent me in this loop of what is going on with my life? The Tim McGraw song, Live Like You Were Dying, really hit a personal point to me. I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Around the time that he was informed of his misdiagnosis, cancer struck again in another area of his life. A good family friend who had been in the hospital battling leukemia passed away at 32.

To go through a time period like this would change any one’s perspective. Curtis realized how cancer affects so many people and wanted to help in the fight any way he could.

He began his efforts by partaking in fundraising cycling events with the Hometown Heroes. During these rides, he noticed how a few fellow cyclist would wear sleeves on their arms instead of sun screen. This was due to the challenge of keeping a layer of SPF 50 on during the entirety of those long rides.

This observation got the wheels turning in Curtis’ mind. A new idea for how he could help the fight against cancer took root. Curtis had always wanted to start a business on the side and saw an opportunity.

With Arm Guard, he could bring a product to market that was of the utmost quality. Something that could not only join in the efforts of preventing skin cancer but also donate a portion of profits to research.

“It just hit home for me how much cancer affects a lot of people. With the sleeves, it was something that said hey, if I can do something to help prevent the most common form of cancer, then maybe that’s what I can do.”

Episode 18 of G&E The Podcast | Golf & Entrepreneurship

Curtis and his sons have taken this idea and been running with it ever since. Curtis is a great guy. He wants to help out however he can and his passion for what he is doing shows that. Tune into Episode 18 to hear him talk about why he created Arm Guard, the great involvement his wife and sons have with the company, the lessons learned through starting a brand, and so much more.