What makes Thirty6ix Golf Co great is Jay and Chevy’s passion for what they do. These guys love golf. And not for the equipment or the dazzling new course. They truly enjoy the essence of the game. Just being out there with friends appreciating the process of hitting a little white ball around. It sounds simple, but it’s true. We all love golf because of these small pleasures the game provides. This simplicity lives in their company’s mission.

And that is to create a brand “for golfers, by golfers”. A brand that speaks to people who look at the game as a lifestyle, not just a hobby. When you open your trunk and there is a set of clubs, back up sticks behind it, gall balls rolling on the floor, and five different pairs of shoes.

But they don’t just want to appeal to this golf connoisseur. They want to show everyone what that person sees in the sport. Why it is such a big part of their life. Because if they can show that playful enjoyment through their brand then they have successfully helped developed and grow the game how they wanted to.

“THIRTY6IX represents the love of golf while leaving the old traditions and stigmas behind. Here’s to the new age of golf.”

Basement Beginnings

Thirty6ix Golf Co’s journey began about a year ago. The two founders had just come from the course, were relaxing in Chevy’s basement, rolling putts and watching the Golf Channel.

Jay and Chevy were excited about the new season but not so much the apparel. What was being offered as golf clothing did not match their personal style. This inspired a discussion between the two that developed into a night of brainstorming.

“Chevy and I play more golf than most people we know. The clothing that exists for golfers didn’t speak to who we were as people, who we were as golfers, and how we felt about the game.”

The next morning they woke up with a vision and a name. Thirty6ix Golf Co was born. Their goal was to create something that fits between the classic golf brands such as Titleist, Taylormade, Adidas, Srixon, etc, and the Golf Gods of the industry.

“We wanted to create something unique that fit right in the middle of those two where we are not dressing like professionals but we are still on the course acting like professionals, taking care of our divots, and appreciating everyone that works the industry and makes golf what it is.”

The result of this vision is first-class. Their creation is truly a golf lifestyle brand. You feel just as good wearing their apparel off the course as you do on it. And that is rare to say for golf clothing. The look is modern. It’s casual. It’s distinctive. Not to mention, Thirty6ix has a nice ring to it.

Behind The Name

I am sure a lot of you are wondering, as was I, what the name means. When you break it down, it is incredibly clever. The number 36 is all over golf. And the way they play it represents their brand’s ideals.

Thirty6ix Golf wants to appeal to all sides of the coin. They appreciate the individual who gets out to play nine holes whenever they can (average par is 36). And also want to represent the avid golfer who may play 36 holes in a day.

“Don’t play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty.” – Harry Vardon

A nice personal touch was also incorporated into their trademark. The guys are based out of Toronto and were able to integrate their pride for that within Thirty6ix.

“We are a Toronto based golf apparel company. The six. The whole big movement with the arts and music. We are very proud to be a Toronto based golf apparel company, especially in the golf world today!”

In just over a year Jay Vogler and Chevy Mayne have been able to turn their night of brainstorming into a movement. Thirty6ix has become more than an apparel line. It is a community of modern golfers who are enjoying the lifestyle of the sport.

“Welcome to the new age of golf.” – Thirty6ix Golf Co

Episode 17 of G&E The Podcast | Golf & Entrepreneurship

It was great having Jay and Chevy on the podcast. The two talk about their inspiration to start their own brand, the modern golfer, where they want to take their company, what it is like working with one of your best friends, lessons learned over the past year, and much more.