Meet Jon Nolan, Justin Johnston, and Matt Scales. Three guys who love golf, love traveling with their buddies, and the great times the game brings with it. 
These guys are awesome. And hilarious I might add. The three of them are close friends going back to high school. Like many avid golfers, they love taking trips to play in new cities.

The difference, Matt, Jon, and Justin decided to make a business out of it.

How Golf Fore It Came About

The vision for Golf Fore It all began with a trip to Myrtle Beach. The outing was great. The planning, not so much. Like any new business idea, they saw a problem that needed a fix.

“What we didn’t expect was the absolute pain in the ass it is to get these trips planned. Fast forward a year later, we took our second journey – this time to San Antonio. Phenomenal time, the same predicament. There just wasn’t an easy way to put these excursions together.”

When planning, they could not find a one stop shop for golf trip itineraries. Some websites helped with hotel and course booking, but they wanted more. A site that was “fun and was capturing the true essence of what we believe a golf trip offers.”

That essence is beyond just playing a course and staying at any hotel. They wanted to find the best courses, not just the most well known for the area. For lodging, maybe something more unique than a hotel such as a great house rental that would encourage comradery. Also, they wanted to know the best spots to grab a drink and some food after the round, along with what each city offered outside of golf.

Matt, Jon, and Justin decided to solve their problem and create

What Golf Fore It Has To Offer

With a membership to the site, the guys will plan every step of a golf excursion for you and your crew. They have put in the work behind each city they have to offer, with partnerships, discounts and more. These guys want to enhance your trip and have a passion for doing so.

Along with their membership program, wants to help grow the game in their unique way. They want to help take away the stigma that golf is a “snobby” sport and show the great time anyone can have playing.

The website has a goal to create a community of people just having fun playing the game of golf. The guys encourage you to send in pictures and stories of your trips to share with the community. They have also created a section of the site dedicated to a very entertaining blog about their trips and views on golf.

Let’s not forget to mention that the three are doing all of this with full-time jobs and families.

“It’s not easy. Trying to have all three of us with full-time jobs, different time zones, it’s a lot of work. If we didn’t love what we are doing with this site, it would have fallen by the wayside a long time ago. But we absolutely love what we are doing.”

Episode 14 of G&E The Podcast

This week’s episode of the podcast is awesome. It was my first group interview, and I could not have asked for a better crew. Matt, Jon, and Justin have amazing chemistry. They were always making jokes, and the interview is a blast to listen to. At the same time, they provided fantastic value telling us what it is like to start an online business and their vision for Golf Fore It into the future.

Check it out. We guarantee you will enjoy.