This week on G&E The Podcast | Golf & Entrepreneurship we have on Brad Franklin. Brad is the inspired mind and creator behind the men’s golf apparel company, Bradley Allan. In episode 12, Brad and I discuss his career with golf and the lessons learned on the path towards starting his own brand.

Growing up around the game, Brad developed a deep enthusiasm for the sport. He didn’t waste any time getting into the golf industry.

Brad Franklin’s Golf Apparel Line Bradley Allan

Upon graduating from High School, Brad took an Assistant Professional job in Toronto, Canada. He spent the next few years working at various clubs in the Toronto area while taking care of his university studies.

Brad came to a realization that the career path of an Assitant Professional was not his calling. He still saw a lot of opportunities in the golf industry. He wanted his career to be connected to it.

At this reflection point in his life, Brad had developed a relationship with Ralph Dunning, founder of Dunning Golf. He was just starting the label and he asked him to join. Born was Brad’s new career path.

Brad Franklin’s Golf Apparel Line Bradley Allan

He spent the next six years working for Dunning, learning everything he could. From there, he transitioned into becoming the Head of Design for both Tommy Hilfiger Golf and AUR Golf.

Aha Moment

“My wife asked me, Brad, you have designed and developed product for world class companies, making world class products worn by major championship winners, but you go to the club on the weekend to play with your friends and you don’t wear any of it? It wasn’t because I wasn’t proud of what I had done or what the companies were putting out there, it just didn’t fit my personal style.”

This moment led to the creation of Bradley Allan. The question from his wife began the research process. The wheels were turning. The result, he came across a mill that was able to take “high-end USA grown Pima Cotton and completely blend it seamlessly with high-performance polyester fiber.”

“What you’re ending up with is a fabric that has a look and hand feel of a luxurious high-end sports wear polo but has the power under the engine of the best performance share on the market.”

I personally am not too familiar with the different kinds of materials that can go into clothing, but he hit the nail on the head.

Brad and his team were nice enough to send me a few pieces from their summer collection and they are incredible. I couldn’t have been more comfortable in the hot summer North Carolina weather. Not to mention the fact that I felt like I looked good as well.

The Vision for Bradley-Allan

Brad’s muse for the creation of his apparel line was the modern man. He pictured a gentleman who had zero clutter in his life because he didn’t have time for it. It is a man who lives in a city but loves golf. He has a great career, works very hard, but has the freedom to do what he wants. If a friend calls for a spontaneous round, he can be there. Above all else, he looks great while doing it. Like a true gentleman always does.

This was the vision for starting Bradley Allan.

Talking to Brad, you can see that his passion for designing something great for golf is evident.

“When a consumer takes this home and puts it in their closet it looks like it has always been there and it fits seamlessly into the rest of their wardrobe. I really believe that truly great designed product whether that be apparel, electronics, cars, or whatever, comes into your life and fits like it has always been there.”

Brad Franklin’s Golf Apparel Line Bradley Allan

The Podcast

Brad has been in business for just under a year now and has big plans for his brand. Bradley Allan started in Canada and is launching their Spring 18 collection in Japan and Europe.

Brad has taken his career experiences with golf and apparel and turned it into a dream business. Listen to the podcast to hear Brad and I talk about all the lesson’s he learned from his past positions in apparel, what it is like to start your own line, how to be a busy entrepreneur and still maintain a life, and so much more.