Andrew McCombe should be an ambassador for Nike. Specifically their slogan, Just Do It. That is what this man does. If he wants to do something, he steps back, visualizes what it would look like, then gets it done.

That is the mindset Andrew had when he first picked up golf seven years ago. Like many do, he fell in love with the game.

At the time, Andrew was in a transitional period in his career and thought to himself, how can I get paid to play golf.

Andrew visualized what that would look like to him. He concluded that getting paid to play and travel the world would be a dream job. I think many golfers would agree. But just how do you make that happen?

Andrew created his own TV Show called Golf Getaways. It’s a show about traveling the world, playing golf, and sharing it with passionate golfers everywhere. Eventually, the show was picked up by a TV Network in Australia. Andrew was well on his way of turning his new passion for golf into his dream career.

From the success of Golf Getaways, his business ventures evolved. Born was Golf University.

“Golf University is an extension of my personal and professional development background and wanting to help others improve professionally and personally.”

This all culminated in the creation of Search 4 Scratch. Essentially, the program is designed to help people lose four shots or more in three months or less. And it is all about the mental game. This is a nice change of pace from an industry that is constantly selling the physical side of the game. As the great Bobby Jones said:

“Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course — the distance between your ears.”

Andrew doesn’t want to just help you improve on the course. He also wants to help you improve in life.

“Your external reality is a reflection of your internal reality. Being that your thoughts, your feelings, and your beliefs, will soon create your behaviors which will create your physical reality. Even though it’s all about golf, what we found in the search 4 scratch documentary in particular, it’s nothing to do with golf. The golf will approve by default when your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs become in alignment with the reality we are aspiring to.

The Search 4 Scratch documentary is a fantastic concept. Give six amateur golfers the ability to practice and live like a pro for four months.

Andrew gives them the life of a professional athlete. They have a world class coach in Larry Montague, a sports psychologist, and Andrew with his background as a mindset coach.

“We put them through the ringer and they came out of it, and this is the biggest thing for me because it’s my message, realizing that their improvement had nothing to do with golf.”

Andrew McCombe is a Creator. A Doer. A Hustler. He does not just have an incredible mindset for entrepreneurship, but also for the game of life. He is proof that you can turn your passion into your career no matter what. Just visualize what it would look like, and then just do it.

Check out the podcast to get a first-hand look inside the mind of an eternal optimist. Andrew has a very gifted mindset towards entrepreneurship and it was a pleasure to have him share it with me.

To watch the Seach 4 Scratch documentary click HERE

To lower your handicap by 4 Strokes or more in 3 months or less, enroll in the Search 4 Scratch program by clicking HERE