Meet Travis Bruinsma, founder of LuxGolf. LuxGolf is Australia’s first luxury golf touring company. He has partnerships with Porsche and Callaway and has expanded into some of the most beautiful places in the world, New Zealand, and Hawaii. Travis doesn’t plan on stopping there.

“World domination Ryan. It has been so exciting to watch LuxGolf grow from struggling to get on one private course and not having anything but a dream to having an impressive portfolio of all these courses we are working with.”

The decision to create LuxGolf came from a realization he had while working in his previous career.

“I had a major epiphany. I was doing well but not loving what I was doing”.

Travis had been working in the banking industry for seven years prior to going out on his own. He started as a bank teller and worked his way up. He had a great career and was living well. He was not satisfied though. It was time for a change.

How LuxGolf went from an idea to a business

The concept of LuxGolf came from Travis’s love of traveling the world and playing new courses. During these trips, he was always planning his itinerary around where he could play next. 

Travis became disappointed by the majority of touring companies that he would book a round with. As many golf fanatics do, he would find himself wanting to play while exploring a new city. He would ask the concierge for the best local courses, some clubs to rent, and a lift to the course. It was a rare occurrence when all three were delivered to him in an outstanding manner.

“You either get on a good course and get picked up in a ten-year-old rusted out commuter bus or you have great transport but the clubs are dinged and scratched and missing a five iron. All of those things tainted the experience and I thought that there had to be a better way to do this.”

Travis also saw the need for some innovation in the golfing climate of Australia. He explained that the golf industry is different there than the rest of the world. There are not many quality public courses you can play. They are majority private. Everyone wants to play them, but no one can get on.

Travis worked very hard to change all that with LuxGolf. The culmination of his efforts is the creation of a brand that solves the problems he saw with golf travel and the restrictions of playing in Australia.

Now, if you’re traveling to any of the countries where LuxGolf is located you can expect to get picked up in a beautiful Porsche, have a set of Callaway golf clubs waiting for you, and a golf experience you will never forget.

Check out the Podcast to hear Travis talk about his story. We dive deep into the importance of a great work ethic in the pursuit of building your dream business, his plans to franchise and grow LuxGolf, his love for the game and travel, and so much more.