Welcome back to our weekly audio series, G&E The Podcast, where we dive deep into the lives of people creating remarkable careers around this great game.

Last week, Tom Coyne joined us to discuss his fascinating life as a golf writer and his recent book, A Course Called Scotland.

This week, golf course shaper and designer, Keith Rhebb, came on the show. After getting the chance to talk with Riley Johns a few weeks back, I knew I had to chat with Keith. The duo worked together on the highly acclaimed renovation of Winter Park Nine and have joined forces again to restore Rolling Green GC in Philadelphia (which we talk about in part 2).

What makes Keith’s story great is that growing up he didn’t have any plans to be in the golf industry. It just kind of happened by chance. And well, the rest is history. Now he is one of the hottest names in the game and has a strong passion for his craft to match.

In part 1, Keith and I discuss how he got into building golf in the first place, working with Coore & Crenshaw, the unbelievable projects he has been on including Cabot Cliffs, Streamsong, etc, how his career evolved, and more.

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