In today’s world of athletics, using social media to further your personal brand is a necessity. It brings new sponsorship opportunities, allows you to connect with fans, along with a plethora of other benefits if done correctly. A few years back, Duncan Littlefield saw this evolution happening in real time, and it changed his life forever. But let’s rewind back a bit to the start.

From Professional Golfer to Photographer to Entrepreneur

Duncan Littlefield is an ex-professional golfer who left college at the age of 20 to pursue his dream of the PGA Tour. For the next six years of his life, he relentlessly chased his playing goals. While learning a lot about himself in the process, Duncan saw some excellent success culminating in five mini-tour wins while reaching the competitive levels of the European Challenge Tour and PGA Tour Latin America.

For anyone who knows about the come up in golf, this is very impressive. But getting to the PGA Tour is hard. So much so that if we are talking odds, your chances of competing with the best one day are roughly .0003 percent.

Duncan wanted to show the world this. Far too often when asked about his occupation, people would respond with this fantasy life they thought a professional golfer lived. He knew this was far from the truth. With social media becoming more and more prevalent, he began documenting the journey.

This is where his life changed. As he started taking his camera to the course, his talent for content creation was increasing. With it, opportunities outside of competitive golf started to emerge. He began working with GoPro’s Director of Social Media, and his photography was beginning to get recognized with a growing following on Instagram.

One of Duncan Littlefield's GoPro Photos
One of Duncan Littlefield’s GoPro Photos

One day after a tournament, Duncan came to a decision that it was time to hang it up and put everything he had into his new passion for photography. So at 26 years old, with no college degree or professional background, he had to start over.

And did he ever. Since the decision to change the trajectory of his life, Duncan has grown his photography business into a full-blown content creation company called The Littlefield Co. With a growing team by his side, he was recently named to this year’s Charlotte Agenda, 30 Under 30 and unsurprisingly so has some ambitious goals for the future.

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