Creative Studio

Where we put your brand in front of our audience through our stories.

Welcome to G&E’s Creative Studio. Here, we create first-rate custom content around your brand that our audience will love. Speaking of our audience, let’s start with a high-level overview of who they are…

55 Percent

of our audience's age group is 25 - 44.

36 Percent

earn more than $100k annually.

81 Percent

have a consumer buying style of premium brands.


people reached a month whose premier interest are golf, sports, and business.

51 Percent

of our audience are either self-employed or business professionals. 

Primary Urban Areas

New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia.

Upcoming Projects & Stories

We set out to develop high-end custom content that puts your brand in front of our audience in a unique and organic way. Below our upcoming opportunities to be showcased across the entirety of our platform.