Episode 15: How Sphera Golf is Introducing an Industry Disrupting Product

Meet Patrick Kraft, founder of start-up golf ball company, Sphera Golf. Pat is taking an industry disrupting approach to his business model. Provide golfers a ball with equal quality to the big brands at half the price. Pat transitioned from his finance job to the entrepreneurial world of golf because of a realization. Pat noticed an opportunity in the 1.5 billion dollar golf ball market when Costco made waves with their Kirkland Signature golf ball. Pat went all in learning the ins and outs of what makes a great ball. The results are superb. Pat is giving golfers the ability to play a high-quality ball while not hurting their wallets. I am sure many of you will appreciate that! Check out Episode 15 of G&E The Podcast, to listen to Patrick Kraft talk about his decision to start his innovative golf ball company and what he has learned since.

Episode 14: How Three Guys Are Turning Their Love For Golf Trips Into A...

Meet Matt, Jon, and Justin. Three high school friends that love golf and traveling to new cities to play with their buddies. Their trips were great, but the planning was excruciating. The guys decided to solve their problem. The three are the founders of GolfForeIt.com, a membership-based website that will plan every aspect of your trip. Their goal is to capture the true essence of a golf outing. Not just the course and lodging, but the other aspects such as where to eat and drink and what to do in each city. Check out this awesome episode of G&E The Podcast | Golf and Entrepreneurship. It was my first group interview, and these guys are hilarious. This episode is highly entertaining while providing fantastic insights into what it is like to start an online business. Enjoy!

Episode 11: Andrew McCombe Changes Lives Through Golf with Search 4 Scratch

Andrew McCombe is a serial entrepreneur. Founder of Search 4 Scratch, Golf University, and Golf Getaway, Andrew picked up golf seven years ago and has not looked back since. Immediately, Andrew was fascinated by the game. Having a very entrepreneurial mindset, he thought to himself how can I get paid to play golf. Andrew visualized what that would look like and created his first business in golf, Golf Getaway TV. From here, Andrew created Golf University and eventually Search 4 Scratch and the program and documentary that goes along with it. The Search 4 Scratch documentary is a fantastic concept. Give six amateur golfers the ability to practice and live like a pro for four months. Andrew gives them the life of a professional athlete. They have a world class coach in Larry Montague, a sports psychologist, and Andrew with his background as a mindset coach. Check out the podcast to get a first-hand look inside the mind of an eternal optimist. Andrew has a very gifted mindset towards entrepreneurship, and it was a pleasure to have him share it with me.

Episode 8: Carolina Romero | The Fit Golfer Girl

Carolina Romero, aka, The Fit Golfer Girl has an incredible story with golf & entrepreneurship. Carolina grew up in Bogota, Colombia playing golf since the age of 9. She had a fantastic junior golf career that lead to a scholarship to the University of South Florida. Upon graduating, she got a dream finance job but quickly realized it was not her calling. For the next five years, Carolina used every free moment she had while working full-time to pursue fitness. Now she works full-time in golf & fitness and is building her most recent venture, The Fit Golfer Girl. Carolina has an phenomenal work ethic and entrepreneurial mindset. Do not miss the opportunity to listen to her talk about her story in episode 8 of G&E The Podcast.

Episode 6: Learn how to get paid to travel the world and play golf...

Drew Binsky is a full-time travel blogger and an avid golfer. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he moved to South Korea to teach English. In his free time, he dedicated 40+ hours a week towards building his travel blog. Now Drew travels the world working as a full-time blogger. He has visited 95 countries and has played golf in 18 of them. Listen to this week's podcast to hear Drew talk about the process of building an online brand, how to grow a following, his love for golf, and more.

Episode 1: Founder of The Dapper Drive | Jordan Griggs

Jordan Griggs is the founder of The Dapper Drive and a professional golfer. A year and a half ago, Jordan left his corporate job to pursue professional golf and online entrepreneurship. Make sure to read this article and listen to the podcast to hear about his inspiring journey.

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