Episode 12: Brad Franklin – The Inspired Mind Behind Bradley Allan

This week on G&E The Podcast | Golf & Entrepreneurship we have on Brad Franklin. Brad is the inspired mind and creator behind the men's golf apparel company, Bradley Allan. Brad began his career in golf as an Assitant Professional. He transitioned into the golf apparel industry when Ralph Dunning asked him to join his new label, Dunning Golf. Brad spent six years with Dunning and eventually became the Head of Design for both Tommy Hilfiger Golf and AUR Golf. One day, Brad was inspired but a comment his wife made and started researching and designing his line. The culmination of his efforts, Bradley Allan. Check out the Podcast and the feature to go along with it to hear Brad discuss what it is like to start your own clothing line, his lessons learned from his past positions, his love for golf and design, and so much more.

Episode 7: Douglas Rose Is Bringing Vintage Leather Goods To Golf

Douglas Rose is the founder of Douglas Rose Co, a high-end leather goods brand that makes beautiful golf bags and accessories. Doug has a fascinating story to launching his brand. With no prior experience in the fashion world, Doug went to LinkedIn and began reaching out to people who had experience in leather goods and lived in New York. He contacted over a 100 people telling them his story. A few responded and the 18-month journey towards creating Douglas Rose began. Check out the Podcast and listen to our fantastic interview with Doug as he discusses the learning curve behind jumping into a new industry, developing social capital, the new Douglas Rose Portrait Series, his friendship with Webb Simpson, and so much more.

Episode 4: Founder of the Bogeybox Golf Club | Nik Bando

Nik Bando is the founder of the Bogeybox Golf Club, a startup that is revolutionizing the shopping experience for golfers by creating a risk-free home try-on service. Nik's entrepreneurial career began when he was at Virginia Tech where he was the founder of "The Extra Point," a student newspaper center around Hokie football. From here, Nik worked at The Economist then with Gary Vaynerchuk at Vayner Media, before branching out on his own. All of this experience culminated in the creation of the Bogeybox Golf Club. Read the article and listen to the Podcast to hear about Nik's incredible journey.

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