Psychology: The New Success of Junior Golf Programs

G&E Contributor, Michael Konrad, is back and is continuing to provide us with great insights into the psychology of golf. This time, for junior golfers. Mike dives into the importance of what a growth mindset can do for a kid as they develop. And it shows not just in their game, but in every aspect of their lives. In his article, Mike uses the Magic Valley Junior Golf Foundation as an example of an institution who is doing just that while giving young players the opportunity to work for a college scholarship.

How Jordan Sack is Building His Dream Business in Golf

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jordan Sack, Founder of the up and coming apparel brand, Tillinger. Jordan's creation came out of a self-realization. He loved golf. But the clothing didn't match his style. At this time, he was looking for an opportunity to start something of his own and saw an opening. Why not try and make a golf shirt that he would love to wear. That idea was the birth of Tillinger. Two years later, his brand is on its third batch of shirts after selling out the first two. And he has big plans for the future.

Why Michael Konrad Compares Sports Psychology for Golfers to the Vegetables You Should Eat

Introducing G&E's latest contributor, Michael Konrad and his first column titled "Eat Your Vegetables." Confused? Don't be. It is his clever way of comparing sports psychology for golfers to the vegetables you should eat. Many ignore the mental side of the game. In today's post, Mike dives into why you should do the exact opposite. Give it a read and let us know if Mike has convinced you to eat your vegetables.

Strokes Gained Customs: Handcrafted Custom Putters Made In the USA

We had the pleasure of interviewing Neal Rohrbach, Co-Founder of Strokes Gained Customs. If you like handcrafted custom putters made in the USA (who doesn't), then these guys are for you. After grinding on the Mini Tours, Neal and his friend Jimmy started the putter company to help fund their passion for golf. They began by customizing and restoring putters. Two years later, they decided it was time to have a flat stick with their name on it. The result is one of the most beautiful hand milled putter lines you have ever seen. Strokes Gained Customs has also opened a store in G&E's Marketplace where their line of putters are now available.

My Journey to Scratch: Part II – Finding a Mentor

G&E contributor Anthony Doran has released Part II of his monthly column My Journey to Scratch. Titled, "Finding a Mentor" Anthony dives into the importance of working with someone who can help you take your game to the next level. For him, that was his mentor Graham who makes it apparent that putting is the reason his scores are not improving. Follow along each month as Anthony pursues playing on a Mini Tour while being a lawyer. "My Journey to Scratch" documents the struggles and realizations that we all face as we try to conquer this unbeatable game.

Why Lauren DiCenso Created Her Site: Women’s Golf Content

Introducing G&E Magazine's latest contributor, Lauren DiCenso of Women's Golf Content. Her monthly column will focus on the game of golf from a woman's perspective. From golfing tips, advice, trends and much more. Her goal is to inspire women, young or old, to pick up the game and play.

My Journey to Scratch: Part I

This monthly column will look at the game from the aspect of the aspiring amateur. From dealing with the frustrations of the game, the confusion of the rules to the constant bombardment of big promises made on infomercials promising that this club will be longer, straighter and more consistent than any other club…well, at least until the next generation of that club is released.  This column will chronicle my journey from shooting 102, watching countless hours of golf videos on the internet to my current goal of competing on a mini-tour. Above all else, it is my hope that this column will educate, entertain and, perhaps, motivate someone to join me on this journey by picking up the game or striving to improve their game.

Nikki Wilson Is Turning Her Passion For Golf Into An Online Community For Women...

Nikki Wilson is turning her love for golf into an online community for women who are passionate about the game. She is doing so with her new golf blog, Fairway Birdies. Nikki picked up golf later in life. She quickly caught the golf bug and hasn't looked back since. Golf has given Nikki many new life experiences and friendships. She loves the game and wants to share it with women who feel the same way. Fairway Birdies is the result of these experiences. "This is a place where all women can come together share, discover, educate and connect themselves with other passionate and obsessed golfers."

Golf | Surf | Health & Wellness | My Journey in Entrepreneurship

My journey into Entrepreneurship begins today, on a gloomy Monday morning in Boston listening to my favorite music while writing about my future. After five years in the corporate world I made a tough decision to leave my company in pursuit of my deepest passions in life. I’m more than blessed for all of the opportunities I have had, but now is the time I start listening to my gut and make decisions that are of the utmost importance to my future success. Not only am I happy, I’m excited about what I can make of myself in this world that begins now!

Introducing The SMARTGOLF Putter, A Revolution In The World of Golf Training

SMARTGOLF has launched its new Kickstarter campaign for their newest innovation in the world of golf technology in the form of a putter. Featuring an associated application, this Smart putter is designed to help people with busy lives practice putting whenever and wherever they want just by connecting the putter to a phone, tablet or any other smart device.

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