Unboxing | Nike Flyknit Racer G

The great thing about Nike is they are never afraid to try something new. And that especially pertains to the golf industry. What they are doing with footwear over the past couple years has been edgy, to say the least, and has opened up doors for brands big and small to bring new styles to the market. Wearing a running shoe on the course may not be for everyone. But we are big fans of it as it brings a new look and feel to the game. 

Episode 47: Behind the Lens With Golf Photographer Christian Hafer

Christian Hafer is gifted with something that not many people have. And if you are familiar with his work, then you are probably thinking about his artistic ability behind the lens. This is true. He does have a remarkable ability to project how he sees the world through his photography.

EyeLine Golf: A Choice of the Pros

Mickelson, McIlroy, Day, Watson...
Ring a bell? These are just a few guys out there most Sundays that use EyeLine Golf products to hone their craft. Want to play with the best? Train with the best. Introduce EyeLine Golf products into your practice routine - you won't be sorry.

STOMP the Mini-Series: Preparation

Finally, the last of the STOMP concepts, preparation. It seems as though preparation is what holds all of the other concepts together. Preparation should be a big part of what we do throughout the course of our day. But what really happens is that people go throughout the course of a day in a routine.

A Fine Time for Nine

Golf is an ancient and ever-evolving game. The objectives have remained unchanged for centuries, but the rest of the game stays in flux. Today as many people are raising questions about golf’s future, there are some places that are taking it upon themselves to shape the next chapter of the game. Surprisingly, one of the best examples of that future can be found at a nine hole course in Central Florida. The small city of Winter Park is only a short commute from Downtown Orlando, but the golf experience there feels worlds away from the ordinary.

Episode 46: Matt Parziale’s Meteoric Rise Up The Amateur Golf Ranks

Matt Parziale just loves golf. The man lives to compete. Most recently, he tested his game on golf’s biggest stage. This year’s Masters. And his story of getting into the game's most sacred grounds is more interesting than most.

Partial Status Fun; the Waiting Game

We get the question a lot, “So what tours do you play on?” Well, it can be complicated. We usually reply with the fact that we’re on two tours, the Cactus Tour and the Symetra Tour.

Lessons Learned While Building an Apparel Company With Andrew Redvanly

Red on Sunday? Seems all too predictable. Step out and make a statement with REDVANLY apparel. They'll give you the tools you need to bring some style to your duck hook.

Unboxing | adidas Crossknit 2.0 Silver Boost

We are excited to introduce a new video series with Craig Salter where he will be doing unique unboxing videos of the hottest shoes in the game. This week, Craig gives us the rundown on the adidas Crossknit 2.0 Silver Boost. 

Episode 45: Leveraging the Internet to Build a New Career with Golf Writer Jay Revell

Social media and golf is a beautiful thing. Individuals and brands have been able to leverage it to build remarkable businesses and careers around the game.

See How Camden Golf Co. Thinks Outside the Box

We've all seen Bubba shape a shot. Phil scramble out of Alcatraz. But if you want to see some real creativity off the course, check out Camden Golf Co. where creative design and the game of golf collide.

Tommy Armour Golf is Making a Comeback

Most golfers have two associations with Tommy Armour. Either the iconic professional golfer. Or the legendary 845s irons that through one way or another everyone has hit. They sold a jaw-dropping 600,000 sets. The name Tommy Armour has been synonymous with golf for nearly a century.

Episode 44: From Action Sports to Golf, The Story of Electric California

From action sports to golf, Electric is a story of entrepreneurship at it's finest. What started back in 2000 as a couple of guys with a vision, has grown into a global brand with a few twists and turns along the way.

Winnie Could Win at Augusta

The Augusta National Women’s Amateur opens the door to new dreams for a generation of women and girls.

3 Steps to Lower Your Scores in 2018

Every golfer has their goals teeing off the 2018 season. I’m sure your goals are different to mine but in the end, we all have goals whether we are aware of them or not.

Episode 43: How Anna and Armana of the Graceful Golfer Aim to Inspire

Professional golf requires a lot of work. And not just from a practice and tournament perspective. Most mini-tour players have a side-hustle or two to make ends meet while they pursue their ultimate goal. That is the case for this week’s guest on the show, Anna, and Armana of the Graceful Golfer. Two friends that met while pursuing professional golf and decided to start a blog to share their journey along the way.

How Salter Golf Became A Self-Taught YouTuber

The internet is a magnificent place. A place where you can share, shop, and most importantly, learn. Check out what Craig Salter of Salter Golf has been building online. You won't regret it!

Lowside Golfwear: Start With One

The picture above has a lot of significance to me. It is a map with pins in it for every location we have sold product to someone in. 47 of them in all. I don’t take that lightly. It’s the only reason this business exists.

Episode 42: Bob Lamkin Talks About The Entrepreneurial History of Lamkin Grips

If you're a big fan of Ben Hogan's Five Lessons like myself, then you know the importance of a good grip. It's arguably the most critical aspect of the swing. So why is it that so often players let their grips wear down to nothing hindering their game? One guy who takes the golf grip very seriously is Bob Lamkin who's company, Lamkin Grips, has been innovating that connection of hands to club for years. 92 to be exact. 

10 Life Lessons We’ve Learned from Playing Golf

We’ve been playing golf for a long time, both of us started when we were young with our families. We grew up on the golf course! Because we’ve spent so much time on the course during our lives we’ve learned a lot of life lessons. Lessons that we think have been extremely valuable to us. It’s actually been one of our favorite questions that we’ve asked our Golfers We Love in their interview!

Matt Nicolle Looks to Build On Stellar 2017 Season

Matt Nicolle’s nickname is “The English Enforcer,” and for very good reason. The no.1 ranked LDET player and defending tour champion delivered an unbelievable performance in 2017, earning 4 wins and another 4 top-3 finishes in his first full season on the tour (playing 8 of 9 events).

Episode 41: How Louisville Golf Represents the History of the Game

Over the course of our features, G&E has really developed into a community of entrepreneurs in golf. Each new podcast episode adds a unique business and perspective to this collection. And this week's show with Jeremy and Yinyin Wright, the owner's of Louisville Golf, combines an inspiring story with incredible insights into one of the world's premier persimmon and hickory club manufacturers in the world.

Watson Golf Turns Passion Into A Business

If you're honest with yourself, you know that your swing could always use some work. Watson Golf is bringing swing training aids to the market that will help you hone your cut and dial-in on that pin.

Sunday at the 1986 Masters – The Greatest Televised Sporting Event of All-Time

"I don't care if I'll ever do it again or not, but frankly, I don't care." Jack Nicklaus on winning The Masters in '86. And G&E Contributor, Greg Evans, wrote a phenomenal play by play of that infamous Sunday in Augusta, Georgia.

Episode 40: How Charlie Burgwyn Built His Brand Stitch By Stitch

Stitch Golf.  A brand rooted in detail. And their founder, Charlie Burgwym, epitomizes the ethos of the business he created. After listening to this week’s episode of G&E The Podcast, you will understand how the companies mission statement is really a reflection of the man who built it.

Chippo Golf: Improve Your Short Game While Drinking a Cold One

We've all done it. Tried to come up with a game to play while working on our short game. But Chippo Golf took it to the next level. Have you ever thought of combining Cornhole and Golf? Well, now you can. Check out Chippo Golf for a seamless way to improve your short game while having a great time.

How Bad Birdie Golf is Adding Some Flavor to the Golf Apparel Industry

If you're a golfer, you're probably aware that a lot of the apparel options available today look shockingly similar. Bad Birdie Golf is flipping the script and revolutionizing our golf apparel. And I think we all welcome that!

Stomp the Mini-Series: Mentality

If you have a game this weekend or are a competitve golfer, contributor Michael Konrad has you covered on the mental side of the game.

Episode 39: Ecco Golf And The Freddie Effect

This week on the podcast, David Helter of Ecco Golf came on the show. We talk all about the evolution of their golf line and how events like Fred Couples premiering their hybrid style streetwear shoe at the 2010 Masters put the brand front and center to the world of golf.

How Palm Golf Co Is Capturing The Southern California Lifestyle In A Brand

Tired of that plain, old, ordinary glove you've been sporting? Palm Golf Co. is revolutionizing the golf glove game. Check out their feature to learn more!

The 19th Hole With Jason Day

Meet Jason Day: Australian professional golfer who won the US PGA title in 2015 – one of his 15 professional victories – and just won the 2018 Farmers Insurance Open. He is on a mission to reclaim his No. 1 World Ranking, and is planning on looking good while doing it. Day has completely embraced Nike’s urban street style (remember his high-tops at The Open)? Recently, TRENDYGOLF had the chance to sit down with Day at the Nike Golf Club LDN event in London to talk style, comfort, designing with Nike, and disrupting typical golf fashion. Read on for the full interview, and shop Nike to get his look.

Episode 38: How John Ashworth Changed An Entire Industry

This week’s guest on the podcast needs no introduction. John Ashworth, the founder of Linksoul, came on the show to talk about his remarkable career and life. Needless to say, this man has done it all.

How PuttOUT Golf Aims To Make You A Better Player

It all starts with the short game. If you can't putt, what's the point of hitting it off the tee? This week, we sit down with Cam Slaughter and Martin Riddiford of PuttOUT Golf - a revolutionary putting aid!

Arnold Palmer Apparel is fit for a king

As younger generations of golfers impact the game with tremendous buying power, the image of the game is quite literally changing. Neon ensembles made famous by one Mr. Fowler, and eccentric prints and loud patters donned by the likes of John Daly and others have found their way onto public courses. But, golf being golf, a strong testament to tradition remains.

Episode 37: Clarke Miyasaki – Serial Entrepreneur and EVP of Business Development at Stance Socks

This week on G&E The Podcast, we had Clarke Miyasaki, the EVP of Business Development at Stance Socks, on the show. Coming from small-town Idaho, Clarke landed an internship at a startup during the .com boom and never looked back. He fell in love with the culture. And with his work ethic and charismatic personality, Clarke has lead a fascinating life. In this week's episode, Clarke shares with us the evolution of his career and some great stories he experienced along the way. We talk about working with Snoop Dogg and Slash while at Skullcandy, getting Bubba Watson into the All-Star game which is a must listen, what it is like to close a deal with the NBA, playing golf with his good friend Andre Iguodala and Steph Curry, and his thoughts on entrepreneurship and life.

Introducing Kacey Harmon of GLFR Supplements

What's the best way to enhance your game? This week, we sit down with Kacey Harmon of GLFR. You'll enjoy his tremendous insight and the cutting-edge product GLFR is bringing to the market!

The Great Slump – An Analysis

Everyone in their career goes through an inevitable slump. It's a write of passage. And slumps are not confined solely to the athletic world. In any high-pressure platform to perform, it is inevitable that some form of slump or drought is going to occur. G&E Contributor, Greg Evans, wrote an essay this week analyzing the great slump.

The Reasons Why

I started Lowside Golfwear after someone asked me what I would do today if I knew it was the last day of my life. It’s a trivial question, one I’m sure many have heard before, but one that always cuts through the bullshit. Something about the idea of our mortality tends to get right to the truth of things. My answer, outside of spending time with my family, was to get on a plane to somewhere I have never been, to play golf somewhere I have never played, and to have a beer with someone I have never met. Pretty simple until that same person asks why you aren’t doing that.

Episode 36: How Adrienne Cass Built Trendy Golf USA

One of the best aspects of golf is that you can dress to match your style. You could like the classic look or be a fan of the modern apparel movement. It doesn't matter. With golf, you can express yourself through what you wear. And when it comes to getting decked out for you next foursome there is no better place to go then Trendy Golf USA. This week on the podcast we had their Founder, Adrienne Cass, on the show to talk about the evolution of the US branch of the company. Adrienne loves golf apparel and with her passion for what she does has built a fantastic business.

Long Drivers European Tour announces media partnership with CGB for 2018 season

Our friends over at the Colorado Golf Blog have announced a new media partnership with the Long Drivers European Tour for the upcoming 2018 season. They will be bringing us LDET news, event results, athlete interviews and more - as only they know how.

Episode 35: How Bradley Putters Became One of the Most Exciting Companies in Golf

If you haven't heard of Bradley Putters yet, you will.
They are literally changing the game with their handmade high tech wooden putters that you are guaranteed to love. Their Founder, Brad Converse, came on the podcast this week to talk about the evolution of his business. He is a hustler. And with that mindset, Brad has built one of the hottest brands in golf in just 14 months.

So what?! So let’s dance!!

Are you still having fun playing golf? This week, we sit down with John Billin from Ampcaddy who is injecting fun back into the game through music.

Episode 34: The Jazzy Golfer Is On A Mission To Get More Women In Golf

Meet The Jazzy Golfer. She picked up the game just a few months back and since then has been on quite the adventure with the sport.

She has grown a following of over 20,000 people on social media, has been in a Nike golf commercial and is speaking at a conference next month to help improve the women's side of golf. That is just the start. Jasmine is on a mission to show more women why they should pick up a set of sticks and get out on the links.

Picture Perfect: Golf Through a Different Lens

Have you ever thought about what it's like to see a course through the eyes of another golfer? Well, now you have the chance. Channing Benjamin Photography gives you an entirely new perspective on the course. And let's be honest... you can probably use all the help you can get!

Episode 33: Matt Cardis Builds Dream Golf Photography Career with Golf In Your State

People create fascinating careers in golf. Our friend, Matt Cardis of Golf In Your State, has done just that with his brand. Matt is a golf photographer who travels the country doing shoots for courses and creates content for his partnered brands. This week on the podcast, Matt came on the show to talk about the evolution of his golf photography business, his favorite road trips, the behind the scenes work it takes to have this type of career, the 2018 PGA Show, and much more. 

Meet the Man Behind the Bobby Jones Legend

Bobby Jones is one of the most influential golfers in the history of the sport. He won his era's Grand Slam, founded Augusta National and The Masters, and overall had a lasting impact on the game. And behind the scenes was a legendary golf journalist who prudently crafted articles about the young Bobby Jones. The two became friends in 1916, and together they created a legend. His name was Pop Keeler and G&E Contributor, Greg Evans, wrote an interesting historical perspective about his wayward life as a journalist.

Episode 32: Asher Golf Gives New Meaning to the Mundane

A healthy lack of respect for the mundane. This is the motto of Asher Golf. Their products are cool. Their story is even better. Trevor Crump, the man behind Asher's marketing efforts, came on the podcast to talk about the companies evolution and their plans moving forward.

Episode 31: OnCore Golf Is Changing The Game With The GENiUS Ball

Hands down one of the most fascinating episodes of G&E The Podcast to date. Keith Blakely, co-founder of Oncore Golf, came on the show to talk about the companies evolution and their disruptive technology with their latest product, the GENiUS Ball. They have big plans for golf and your going to want to hear them.

LinksStyle Golf: How Two Lifelong Friends Are Taking the Golf Hat to the Next Level

Love it or hate it, the hat you wear when you hit the links says a lot about you. So why not love it? That's the philosophy Danny and Greg, founders of LinksStyle Golf, have poured into their unique brand. This week, it was our pleasure to sit down with the duo to dive into their entrepreneurial pursuit.

Episode 30: Hudson Sutler Uses Creative Marketing to Embody #TheNextEscape

Digital media affects everything. Especially how we market. And creativity has never been more important. With a mostly democratic social media, great work can flourish. Possibly the most famous example, Dollar Shave Club and their iconic Youtube ad that has over 25 million views. This imaginative way of marketing has been adopted near and far. Hudson Sutler, a travel gear company out of NYC, is taking a similar approach.

STOMP the Mini-Series: Optimism

“Exceptional people, I have found, either start out being optimistic or learn to be optimistic because they realize that they can’t get what they want in life without being optimistic.” These wise words from Dr. Bob Rotella ring true for G&E Contributor, Michael Konrad's latest article in his mini-series about the mental side of golf. This week's piece is all about optimism and how to train your brain for a better outlook on the game and life.

Episode 29: How Success Series Is Bringing Virtual Reality to Golf

Like most golfers, you would probably enjoy getting a lesson from Rickie Fowler. But how is that possible. Well, do you have five bucks and a smartphone? Yes, you heard that right. Success Series, an up and coming virtual reality platform, is allowing you to get one on one lessons with sports most prominent stars. And their first ambassador. The man himself. Rickie Fowler. We had the pleasure to sit down with Anthony Puntoriero, the Founder, and CEO of Success Series in this week's episode of G&E The Podcast to discuss his latest venture.

Daniel Erdman, Founder of Uther, Turned Golf Towels Into Art

Introducing Daniel Erdman. A guy from the Great White North who is most certainly a creative. And with this mindset, he has taken the boring old golf towel and turned it into an art with his up and coming brand, Uther.

Episode 28: One Epic Golf Road Trip and Friendship that Began on Instagram

The power of social media is amazing. Not only can you build a brand on platforms such as Instagram, but you can also connect with people you would never have been able to before. That was the case for Jordan Griggs and Matt Cardis. Two nomadic golfers who came together through Instagram for one epic collaboration. The Sprint to Streamsong. 10 days. 15 courses. 1500 miles. 1 gassed up Winnebago. And the open road from New York to Florida.

Notes From a Small Island: Nick Clemens, Founder of Global Sponsorship Activation Experts Provision Events, Shares His Story

The European Tour's Hero Challenge in Dubai is an awesome event for golf. Some of the top players in the world, under the lights, hitting balls at an island green in the water. Behind the scenes, the guys at Provision Events worked hard to put on this spectacle. Their founder, Nick Clemens wrote an excellent column for G&E about what it took to build his company.

Episode 27: Swannies Golf Apparel | The Brand For Millennial Golfers

This week on G&E The Podcast we had on Adam Iversen, co-founder of Swannies Golf Apparel. What started with a golf sandal has grown into a full-blown golf lifestyle brand. In this week's episode, Adam walks us through a detailed evolution of the company from their successful Kickstarter campaign, their experience in a startup accelerator program, to an out of the box marketing technique that helped them gain some phenomenal brand recognition. Adam has excellent insights into what it takes for a modern startup to succeed in today's market.

There is No Stopping Rosaura Quezada and Malili Dib, Founders of Golf By RQ

Meet Rosaura Quezada and Malili Dib. A mother-daughter team from Puebla, Mexico with dreams of developing their business, Golf By RQ, into golf's go-to jewelry accessory line. Like daughter, like mother, the duo has a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. They are doers. After sitting down with them both, you immediately get a sense that if they want to pursue something, they just start going. And do so with a zest for life.

Episode 26: How Mizzen + Main is Disrupting an Entire Industry

This week on G&E The Podcast, we had Kevin Lavelle, founder of the industry disrupting brand, Mizzen + Main. The apparel company famous for their performance fabric dress shirts that are moisture wicking, wrinkle-free, and as they put it, Comfortable AF. When he first started out, people thought his idea was crazy. He was basically laughed out of his first trade show and told by supposed industry experts that no one would wear the shirt. Five and a half years later, the business has grown by 400% YOY, has partnerships with iconic athletes such as Tim Tebow and J.J. Watt, and has plans to become the next great American brand.

Episode 25: How TRUE Linkswear is Relaunching their Brand with Justin Turner

This week on G&E The Podcast we had on Justin Turner, Partner of Finance and Strategy at TRUE Linkswear. If you have been following along with TRUE, you may have noticed their recent change in shoe design, a revamped website and social media strategy, and an overall relaunch of the brand. This is because the company is going back to their routes. A dedication to enjoying the walk. In this week's podcast feature, Justin peels back the curtains. He gives us a behind the scenes view into each step of the brand's change of business plan. From the development of their new shoe models to the tools they used to enhance their direct to consumer channel, we talk about it all. Enjoy.

From Recording Your Swing to Starting a Company with Aiden Oh, Founder of SelfieGOLF USA

One of the most satisfying things to do after a long day is to head to the range, throw in the headphones, and rip through a bucket of balls. Once you start thinking about your game and how to get better, it is like nothing else in the world exist. That is until you try to record your swing. Propping your phone up on something is always a struggle. Introducing Aiden Oh, founder of SelfieGOLF, and their innovative smartphone clipping system. We had the chance to sit down with Aiden for this week's Q&A about the evolution of the brand and his life with golf.

Episode 24: Live Bold with Bart Walker, Founder of Jack Grace USA

This week on G&E The Podcast we had Bart Walker, founder of Jack Grace USA. Aka the #coolestgolfshoesever, Jack Grace is an up and coming revolutionary golf shoe brand that allows for total customization with their interchangeable saddles technology. Bart's story to starting his brand is fascinating. As a self-proclaimed shoe fanatic, Bart had to make the bold decision to leave his job and go all in on his dream business. With the support of his wife, and a lot of hustle, the phenomenal brand we see today was born. Check out this week's podcast feature to learn about what it takes to start your own shoe company.

STOMP the Mini-Series: Toughness

G&E Contributor, Michael Konrad, is back with the second installment of his mini-series, STOMP (Strength, Toughness, Optimism, Mentality, & Preparation). His take on mental toughness is phenomenal. It does not just apply to the individual working to reach their peak level of performance in golf. Anyone in life, no matter their goals, can learn a thing or two from what Mike has to say. And that is what is so great about the sport. Whatever you learn while pursuing this game can benefit every area of your life if you look at it the right way. Enjoy!

From Hardcore Rock to Golf: David Barrigan’s Entrepreneurial Journey

What does the founder of Nike, Phil Knight, have to do with this weeks Q&A? The motto JUST DO IT. These words were an inspiration to David Barrigan, founder of Putting Edge. With that mindset, David has built his business to work with clients such as Amazon, New Balance, O2, Harvas Lynx, and more. He is currently in the process of building a golf apparel company called Foreward which will be launching in 2018. And he has started a charity called Putt For Dough dedicated to helping out the homeless in Northwest England. All this just because he decided to do it. Check out this week's interview feature to learn more about David, his life with golf, and why he decided to start his own business. Enjoy!

I Got Tired of Watching Them Die: The Story of Alister MacKenzie – Golf’s Greatest Architect

Introducing G&E Contributor, Greg Evans, and his first column, I Got Tired of Watching Them Die: The Story of Alister MacKenzie – Golf’s Greatest Architect.Greg dives deep into Alister's life story detailing his time as a medic in the Boer War and WWI. On the battlefield, Alister became fascinated with camouflage. He mastered the skill implementing it in war and later on in golf course design. MacKenzie went on to design some of the worlds most beautiful courses including Augusta National and Cypress Point. Give today's historical perspective a read to learn the story of Golf's Greatest Architect.

Episode 23: How To Build a Golf Side Hustle Using Instagram With The Founder of Birdicorn Golf

If you are on Instagram at all and are into golf, then you may have seen a divot tool recently that peaks your interest. Kind of like the swiss army knife of divot tools if you may. Introducing Brian Kang, founder of Birdicorn Golf. The brand behind the amazingly simple yet awesome golf product. And this is just the start for Birdicorn as they continue to grow. Check out this week's episode with Brian as we discuss his love for golf, the process of creating a great product, how to build your brand on Instagram, Birdicorn's upcoming charity golf tournament, and so much more. Enjoy!

STOMP: The Mini-Series – Mental Strength

G&E Contributor, Michael Konrad, is introducing a mini-series centered around his concept of STOMP (Strength, Toughness, Optimism, Mentality, and Preparation). Over the coming months, he will be addressing how each of these concepts enhances golf performance. This week, he is talking about strength. Not the kind being displayed by Rory above. But rather mental strength. And he promises "by the end of this article you will be stronger!"

President of Colmar, Mario Colombo, Turns Passion Into Business

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mario Colombo, President of Italian clothing brand Colmar, about how his passion for the game developed into their golf apparel line. The brand is rooted in entrepreneurialism. Founded in 1923 by his grandparents, Colmar's history is as colorful as their clothing. Famous for their pass time with winter sports, Mario was determined to take their success in the snow to the lush greens of the fairway. Give our interview a read as he tells us about his life with golf, why they entered the industry, lessons learned from the family business and much more.

Psychology: The New Success of Junior Golf Programs

G&E Contributor, Michael Konrad, is back and is continuing to provide us with great insights into the psychology of golf. This time, for junior golfers. Mike dives into the importance of what a growth mindset can do for a kid as they develop. And it shows not just in their game, but in every aspect of their lives. In his article, Mike uses the Magic Valley Junior Golf Foundation as an example of an institution who is doing just that while giving young players the opportunity to work for a college scholarship.

Episode 22: How Monument Golf Built a Brand Around a Flagship Product

This week on the podcast we had Jeff Eggen, Founder of Monument Golf. Three years ago, Jeff was a mini-tour player thinking of ways to make a few bucks. By accident, he came up with the idea for the Stick It. A magnetic rangefinder strap. Now, Monument Golf is exploding across the industry, and the team has big plans for its future. Check out this week's podcast feature to learn how Jeff and his team took an idea and turned it into an incredible business.

How Jordan Sack is Building His Dream Business in Golf

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jordan Sack, Founder of the up and coming apparel brand, Tillinger. Jordan's creation came out of a self-realization. He loved golf. But the clothing didn't match his style. At this time, he was looking for an opportunity to start something of his own and saw an opening. Why not try and make a golf shirt that he would love to wear. That idea was the birth of Tillinger. Two years later, his brand is on its third batch of shirts after selling out the first two. And he has big plans for the future.

Episode 21: Lie + Loft – A Golf Company as Cool as Their Name is Clever

Lie + Loft is one of the most exciting start-ups to follow in golf. This week on the podcast, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the founder, Luke Davis. Lie + Loft sells some of the most eye-catching golf art you will ever see. And that is just the start of where he plans on taking the company. Luke has a fascinating journey with golf that culminated in the creation of his brand. Check out the feature and this weeks episode to learn all about it.

Why Michael Konrad Compares Sports Psychology for Golfers to the Vegetables You Should Eat

Introducing G&E's latest contributor, Michael Konrad and his first column titled "Eat Your Vegetables." Confused? Don't be. It is his clever way of comparing sports psychology for golfers to the vegetables you should eat. Many ignore the mental side of the game. In today's post, Mike dives into why you should do the exact opposite. Give it a read and let us know if Mike has convinced you to eat your vegetables.

Strokes Gained Customs: Handcrafted Custom Putters Made In the USA

We had the pleasure of interviewing Neal Rohrbach, Co-Founder of Strokes Gained Customs. If you like handcrafted custom putters made in the USA (who doesn't), then these guys are for you. After grinding on the Mini Tours, Neal and his friend Jimmy started the putter company to help fund their passion for golf. They began by customizing and restoring putters. Two years later, they decided it was time to have a flat stick with their name on it. The result is one of the most beautiful hand milled putter lines you have ever seen. Strokes Gained Customs has also opened a store in G&E's Marketplace where their line of putters are now available.

Episode 20: How Forbes 30 Under 30 Ishveen Anand is Bringing Total Transparency to the World of Sports Sponsorships

This weeks episode featured Forbes 30 Under 30, Ishveen Anand. Ishveen is the Founder & CEO of OpenSponsorship, a platform that allows athletes and brands to connect over sponsorship opportunities seamlessly. Ishveen traveled the world as a sports agent and came to a realization. "Why is there not an Airbnb or Kayak for our industry?" Two years later, her platform is disrupting the industry with no plans of stopping soon.

My Journey to Scratch: Part II – Finding a Mentor

G&E contributor Anthony Doran has released Part II of his monthly column My Journey to Scratch. Titled, "Finding a Mentor" Anthony dives into the importance of working with someone who can help you take your game to the next level. For him, that was his mentor Graham who makes it apparent that putting is the reason his scores are not improving. Follow along each month as Anthony pursues playing on a Mini Tour while being a lawyer. "My Journey to Scratch" documents the struggles and realizations that we all face as we try to conquer this unbeatable game.

Episode 19: From Hollywood Producer to Enjoying the Walk, How Malachi McGlone Founded QOD Golf USA

Malachi McGlone is the Founder of QOD Golf USA, a start-up producing the world's highest quality electric golf caddy. Malachi first got into golf as a caddy at the age of 13. He continued to work in the industry and play competitively through college. That was until an internship with a TV show changed his path. Malachi took a flight to LA and worked his way through the entertainment industry towards his original goal of becoming an Executive Producer. He wasn't fulfilled and felt like he needed a change. Through a few realizations and opportunities, he came across QOD golf and has not stopped since. In episode 19 of G&E The Podcast, Malachi and I dive deep into the grind of starting QOD Golf USA.

Why Lauren DiCenso Created Her Site: Women’s Golf Content

Introducing G&E Magazine's latest contributor, Lauren DiCenso of Women's Golf Content. Her monthly column will focus on the game of golf from a woman's perspective. From golfing tips, advice, trends and much more. Her goal is to inspire women, young or old, to pick up the game and play.

Episode 18: Curtis Lamb’s Story Behind Inspired Creation – Arm Guard

Curtis and his two sons, Daxton and Cale, are the creators of Arm Guard. A Premium Sun Sleeve designed to help protect against the suns harmful rays while keeping your skin cool with moisture-wicking fabric.

They created the brand with the hopes to do their part in the fight against cancer. Their story is incredibly inspiring.

Episode 17: Thirty6ix Golf Co’s Lifestyle Brand Represents The Modern Golfer

Jay and Chevy are the minds behind Thirty6ix Golf Co, a lifestyle brand dedicated to the modern golfer.

The founders are long time friends who love golf but did not like the apparel that was being offered. One day after a round, the two spent the night brainstorming and woke up the next day with a new idea for a golf company. And they haven't looked back since.

It was called Thirty6ix Golf Co. A brand made for golfers, by golfers. The idea was to represent the individual who views the sport as a lifestyle, not just a hobby. Someone who truly enjoys the essence of the game.

In a year, the two have been able to turn their brand into a movement with their modern and distinct take on golf apparel.

Thirty6ix Golf Co is also available in G&E’s Marketplace. Browse the shop to see their full collection of hats, shirts, hoodies, headcovers, and more.

Episode 16: How Zac Radford Became a Premier Social Media Influencer in Golf

Zac Radford got into social media a little over a year ago as a way to hopefully build a brand that would help him in his pursuit of the PGA Tour. He took a unique approach to his photography, and it has exploded across the world of golf. Now, Zac has become a premier social media influencer in golf and has some amazing plans for his future. Check out Episode 16 to hear Zac and I talk about getting started in professional golf, the opportunity that social media has created for athletes, how he is trying to grow the game, and much more.

My Journey to Scratch: Part I

This monthly column will look at the game from the aspect of the aspiring amateur. From dealing with the frustrations of the game, the confusion of the rules to the constant bombardment of big promises made on infomercials promising that this club will be longer, straighter and more consistent than any other club…well, at least until the next generation of that club is released.  This column will chronicle my journey from shooting 102, watching countless hours of golf videos on the internet to my current goal of competing on a mini-tour. Above all else, it is my hope that this column will educate, entertain and, perhaps, motivate someone to join me on this journey by picking up the game or striving to improve their game.

Episode 15: How Sphera Golf is Introducing an Industry Disrupting Product

Meet Patrick Kraft, founder of start-up golf ball company, Sphera Golf. Pat is taking an industry disrupting approach to his business model. Provide golfers a ball with equal quality to the big brands at half the price.

Pat transitioned from his finance job to the entrepreneurial world of golf because of a realization. Pat noticed an opportunity in the 1.5 billion dollar golf ball market when Costco made waves with their Kirkland Signature golf ball.

Pat went all in learning the ins and outs of what makes a great ball. The results are superb. Pat is giving golfers the ability to play a high-quality ball while not hurting their wallets. I am sure many of you will appreciate that!

Check out Episode 15 of G&E The Podcast, to listen to Patrick Kraft talk about his decision to start his innovative golf ball company and what he has learned since.

Nikki Wilson Is Turning Her Passion For Golf Into An Online Community For Women Golfers

Nikki Wilson is turning her love for golf into an online community for women who are passionate about the game. She is doing so with her new golf blog, Fairway Birdies.

Nikki picked up golf later in life. She quickly caught the golf bug and hasn't looked back since. Golf has given Nikki many new life experiences and friendships. She loves the game and wants to share it with women who feel the same way.

Fairway Birdies is the result of these experiences. "This is a place where all women can come together share, discover, educate and connect themselves with other passionate and obsessed golfers."

Episode 14: How Three Guys Are Turning Their Love For Golf Trips Into A Business

Meet Matt, Jon, and Justin. Three high school friends that love golf and traveling to new cities to play with their buddies. Their trips were great, but the planning was excruciating. The guys decided to solve their problem. The three are the founders of GolfForeIt.com, a membership-based website that will plan every aspect of your trip. Their goal is to capture the true essence of a golf outing. Not just the course and lodging, but the other aspects such as where to eat and drink and what to do in each city. Check out this awesome episode of G&E The Podcast | Golf and Entrepreneurship. It was my first group interview, and these guys are hilarious. This episode is highly entertaining while providing fantastic insights into what it is like to start an online business. Enjoy!

Episode 13: Maurice Allen – Professional Long Drive Competitor and Golfer

Maurice Allen is a Professional Long Drive Competitor with an incredible list of achievements in the sport. Maurice grew up playing just about everything but golf. He picked up the game in 2011 as the result of a bet. He quickly developed a passion for the game and went all in towards becoming a professional long drive competitor. Now, Maurice is ranked eighth in the world and was the 2015 & 2016 Volvik Long Drive European Tour Champion. To get to this point was not an easy road for Allen. He has a remarkable story to success filled with its fair share of ups and downs. Check out the podcast and feature to hear more about Maurice's inspirational story to becoming a premier World Long Drive Competitor.

Episode 12: Brad Franklin – The Inspired Mind Behind Bradley Allan

This week on G&E The Podcast | Golf & Entrepreneurship we have on Brad Franklin. Brad is the inspired mind and creator behind the men's golf apparel company, Bradley Allan.

Brad began his career in golf as an Assitant Professional. He transitioned into the golf apparel industry when Ralph Dunning asked him to join his new label, Dunning Golf. Brad spent six years with Dunning and eventually became the Head of Design for both Tommy Hilfiger Golf and AUR Golf.

One day, Brad was inspired but a comment his wife made and started researching and designing his line. The culmination of his efforts, Bradley Allan.

Check out the Podcast and the feature to go along with it to hear Brad discuss what it is like to start your own clothing line, his lessons learned from his past positions, his love for golf and design, and so much more.

Golf | Surf | Health & Wellness | My Journey in Entrepreneurship

My journey into Entrepreneurship begins today, on a gloomy Monday morning in Boston listening to my favorite music while writing about my future. After five years in the corporate world I made a tough decision to leave my company in pursuit of my deepest passions in life. I’m more than blessed for all of the opportunities I have had, but now is the time I start listening to my gut and make decisions that are of the utmost importance to my future success. Not only am I happy, I’m excited about what I can make of myself in this world that begins now!

Episode 11: Andrew McCombe Changes Lives Through Golf with Search 4 Scratch

Andrew McCombe is a serial entrepreneur. Founder of Search 4 Scratch, Golf University, and Golf Getaway, Andrew picked up golf seven years ago and has not looked back since.

Immediately, Andrew was fascinated by the game. Having a very entrepreneurial mindset, he thought to himself how can I get paid to play golf. Andrew visualized what that would look like and created his first business in golf, Golf Getaway TV.

From here, Andrew created Golf University and eventually Search 4 Scratch and the program and documentary that goes along with it.

The Search 4 Scratch documentary is a fantastic concept. Give six amateur golfers the ability to practice and live like a pro for four months. Andrew gives them the life of a professional athlete. They have a world class coach in Larry Montague, a sports psychologist, and Andrew with his background as a mindset coach.

Check out the podcast to get a first-hand look inside the mind of an eternal optimist. Andrew has a very gifted mindset towards entrepreneurship, and it was a pleasure to have him share it with me.

Episode 10: How LuxGolf Founder, Travis Bruinsma, Created Australia’s First Luxury Golf Touring Company

Travis Bruinsma, the founder of LuxGolf, has created Australia's first luxury golf touring company. As entrepreneurs do, Travis saw a problem and came up with a solution. While traveling, he was not satisfied with the quality of golf touring companies. These experiences, coupled with the strict exclusivity of playing Australia's top courses, lead to his creation of LuxGolf.

Now, LuxGolf has expanded into New Zealand and Hawaii and has established partnerships with Porsche and Callaway. Travis doesn't plan on stopping there as he has big ideas for himself and his company into the future.

Introducing The SMARTGOLF Putter, A Revolution In The World of Golf Training

SMARTGOLF has launched its new Kickstarter campaign for their newest innovation in the world of golf technology in the form of a putter. Featuring an associated application, this Smart putter is designed to help people with busy lives practice putting whenever and wherever they want just by connecting the putter to a phone, tablet or any other smart device.

Episode 9: How The Freedom Golf Association and Its Founder, EQ, Help Thousands Through Golf

Edmund “EQ” Sylvester is the Founder of the Freedom Golf Association, a charity dedicated to bringing joy and a sense of freedom to the special needs community through their inclusion in the game of golf. EQ was a successful businessman and entrepreneur. In 2010, EQ sold his company with plans to retire and enjoy his passions of golf, photography, and spending time with his grandchildren. In 2011, he suffered a terrible infection that led to a near-death experience. He left the hospital a triple amputee. EQ took a situation that would crumble many and turned it into a foundation that helps thousands of people have better lives through golf. Read the article and listen to the Podcast to hear about EQ’s remarkable journey and the lesson’s learned along the way! If you are as inspired by his story as we are, please visit the link in the article to donate to the Freedom Golf Association and help EQ on his mission to make lives better through golf.

Episode 8: Carolina Romero | The Fit Golfer Girl

Carolina Romero, aka, The Fit Golfer Girl has an incredible story with golf & entrepreneurship. Carolina grew up in Bogota, Colombia playing golf since the age of 9. She had a fantastic junior golf career that lead to a scholarship to the University of South Florida. Upon graduating, she got a dream finance job but quickly realized it was not her calling. For the next five years, Carolina used every free moment she had while working full-time to pursue fitness. Now she works full-time in golf & fitness and is building her most recent venture, The Fit Golfer Girl.

Carolina has an phenomenal work ethic and entrepreneurial mindset. Do not miss the opportunity to listen to her talk about her story in episode 8 of G&E The Podcast.

Episode 7: Douglas Rose Is Bringing Vintage Leather Goods To Golf

Douglas Rose is the founder of Douglas Rose Co, a high-end leather goods brand that makes beautiful golf bags and accessories. Doug has a fascinating story to launching his brand. With no prior experience in the fashion world, Doug went to LinkedIn and began reaching out to people who had experience in leather goods and lived in New York. He contacted over a 100 people telling them his story. A few responded and the 18-month journey towards creating Douglas Rose began. Check out the Podcast and listen to our fantastic interview with Doug as he discusses the learning curve behind jumping into a new industry, developing social capital, the new Douglas Rose Portrait Series, his friendship with Webb Simpson, and so much more.

HeadSpeed Golf Is Revolutionizing The Way Recreational Golfers Improve Their Game

Cory Firth and Chris Jepson, founders of HeadSpeed Golf, are revolutionizing the way recreational and amateur golfers improve their game. HeadSpeed Golf is inspired by Maxwell Maltz's book, Psycho-Cybernetics. Cory and Chris are bringing Maltz's powerful concepts to golfers with their growing hashtag #BRAINTOBALL, along with an array of products, accessories, free improvement resources, and more. Read their interview to learn about how Cory and Chris are working 9-5 jobs while creating a career out of their passion for golf and self-improvement.

Professional Golfer Jordan Thomas

ordan Thomas is a 25-year-old professional golfer out of Ventura, California. While playing mini-tours and preparing for Web.com Q-School, Jordan works a sales job for an indoor golf center and caddies to help fund his career. In his interview, Jordan answered a few questions for us on what it is like to be a professional golfer working his way through mini-tours.

Episode 6: Learn how to get paid to travel the world and play golf with Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky is a full-time travel blogger and an avid golfer. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he moved to South Korea to teach English. In his free time, he dedicated 40+ hours a week towards building his travel blog.

Now Drew travels the world working as a full-time blogger. He has visited 95 countries and has played golf in 18 of them. Listen to this week's podcast to hear Drew talk about the process of building an online brand, how to grow a following, his love for golf, and more.

Episode 5: Founders of Max Golf Protein | Max Colman & Cat Vickers

Max Colman and Cat Vickers are the founders of Max Golf Protein, the first golf specific protein drink & bar. Max and Cat personify the hard work and dedication that goes into building a brand from scratch. The duo spent their first two years working full-time jobs, using nights and weekends to build the foundation of Max Golf Protein. The drink officially launched in 2015, expanding rapidly ever since. In this week's article and podcast, Max and Cat talk about the incredible dedication and hard work needed to build a business, how to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship, why they have grown so quickly, and more.

Episode 4: Founder of the Bogeybox Golf Club | Nik Bando

Nik Bando is the founder of the Bogeybox Golf Club, a startup that is revolutionizing the shopping experience for golfers by creating a risk-free home try-on service. Nik's entrepreneurial career began when he was at Virginia Tech where he was the founder of "The Extra Point," a student newspaper center around Hokie football. From here, Nik worked at The Economist then with Gary Vaynerchuk at Vayner Media, before branching out on his own. All of this experience culminated in the creation of the Bogeybox Golf Club. Read the article and listen to the Podcast to hear about Nik's incredible journey.

Episode 3: Inspirational Amputee Professional Golfer | Mike Browne

Mike Browne is an inspiring amputee professional golfer. Mike had a 17-year long career in the British Armed Forces. In 2011, he suffered a tragic injury to his leg that eventually led to its amputation in 2013. During recovery, Mike picked up golf through the incredible charity, the On Course Foundation. Just three years later, his golf career is highlighted by playing in events such as the European Senior Tour Willow Class and the Simpson Cup. Now, Mike is playing full time on the Gecko Tour in Spain and is a brand ambassador for Max Golf Protein.

Episode 2: A Story of Persistence | Pro Golfer Alex Romo

Alex Romo is a 25-year-old professional golfer, and aspiring online entrepreneur who has overcome obstacles such as a career ending injury to pursue his dream of playing on the PGA Tour.

Episode 1: Founder of The Dapper Drive | Jordan Griggs

Jordan Griggs is the founder of The Dapper Drive and a professional golfer. A year and a half ago, Jordan left his corporate job to pursue professional golf and online entrepreneurship. Make sure to read this article and listen to the podcast to hear about his inspiring journey.

Arnold Palmer: The First Golf Entrepreneur

Arnold Palmer was a true titan of golf and a pioneer in the business world. Read the article to see how he changed golf and sports forever.

Matthew Bond: If you want it, You can get it

Matthew Bond is a man on a mission, or as he would say, if you want it, you can get it. That mission is his pursuit of one day playing in the Masters, and becoming a full-time PGA Tour player. Matt is a professional golfer, and entrepreneur, who picked up the game at the age of 21. In just a few short years he has been able to achieve great results, recently having some nice success on the Vancouver Golf Tour. Read the article and Matthew's interview to see his fascinating story with the game.

Ethan Castle: 18 Holes of Life

Ethan Castle is a professional golfer who picked up the game at the age of 19. Just six years later, he is on the top ten of the Pepsi Tour's Money List, has played on the PGA Tour LatinoAmerica, and is preparing to attend Q-School for the Web.com Tour. Read the article, 'Ethan Castle: 18 Holes of Life" to see his incredible journey with golf.