If you’re reading this, you’d probably rather be golfing. The same is likely true for Blair Wheeler. Although, he may also be dreaming about surfing, the WOD, or focusing his Sony A6300 on a majestic seascape in coastal North Carolina. It has never been one thing for Blair, but golf has emerged as a pillar of his venturesome lifestyle. This Myrtle Beach local has made a dent on the marketing world and is only getting started. Please join me in welcoming Blair Wheeler.

Blair Wheeler

(Photo by Ryan Barnett)

So, who is Blair Wheeler?

I’m a surfer, golfer, marketer, amateur photographer, husband, and adventurer who has been using social media to document my experiences along the way. This has opened so many doors for me and I am fortunate enough to be sponsored by Adidas Golf, Rhone, and Michelob Ultra. Not to mention, I have a marketing consulting and content creation business, and I’m in the process of obtaining my Real Estate Broker’s License in North Carolina.

Great, tell us some more. Where are you from? What got you to where you are today?

I’m from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Commercial golf capital of the world! I have a BA in Communications with a minor in Spanish from Coastal Carolina University.

Out of college, I left the East Coast and moved to Huntington Beach, California where I worked for Hurley in their Marketing department. I was there for five years and worked my way up the ladder to lead the charge on some really exciting projects in the surf world. Some of those projects included The Hurley Pro, The Hurley Surf Club, and the Clark Little Tour. Basically, I had what many would consider a dream job. I joke with people all the time saying it ruined me for the rest of my career!

When my wife and I moved back to North Carolina, I really got into golf thanks to my best friends and my father-in-law. They all have single-digit handicaps, and I have a hard time getting beat at anything!

So, how were you introduced to golf originally?

I’ve played golf as long as I can remember. My dad, who passed away when I was only two years old, was an avid golfer and dabbled with turning pro. He eventually made the more pragmatic decision to go to law school. My mom had me in lessons and youth leagues throughout my childhood.

As I grew up, I found other passions – namely, surfing – which I felt was “cooler” than golf. My sophomore year, I joined the golf team at Myrtle Beach High School because I knew it was the only sport I could play that the coach was cool with me skipping practice to surf. But as I got older, I grew to understand and respect that game for what it is. It’s a connection to my dad, as it was one of his loves. It’s a way I can meet new people, and travel to see the iconic and historical side of the game.

On top of that, I’m more drawn to golf now because I feel that it’s the “great equalizer.” You can walk out to any course and play with anyone. From a kid that’s just picking up the game to a regional mini tour guy, to the CEO of a major bank. It’s an intimate game, unlike any other. Every time you go out, it’s an opportunity to spend four or more hours with someone new and an opportunity to hear their story!

Any accomplishments related to golf worth nothing? 

As of now, I don’t have any noteworthy accomplishments in golf. I guess my biggest accomplishment to date is that I broke 80 once. I shot a 78 at Costa Mesa Country Club. This was the day before I asked my wife, Alex, to marry me. I’m sure that I played so well because my mind was not on golf whatsoever!

Blair Wheeler
Blair Wheeler

(Photo by Ryan Barnett)

What a memory! So, what makes Blair Wheeler unique?

My professional experience definitely sets me apart. I like to think it gives me an upper hand as an influencer. It’s easy for me to put my marketing glasses on and see things from a brand perspective. That’s what I’ve done for my entire career.

I also just love sharing my experiences with people. Working at a pretty high level in the surf industry and now working in the golf industry has led me to meet some pretty amazing people and go to some amazing places. I’m just trying to share those experiences with everyone else! When it comes to golf, I’ve been really blessed to have the opportunity to travel and play in some amazing places, so I want to share those experiences and maybe shed some light on my life and what I do for a living.

Let’s dive into some of your passions outside of golf since there seems to be at least a few.

Oh man… I have a couple, that’s for sure.

Surfing. It was my first love, and I still work in the surf industry. I’ve literally thought about surfing in some capacity every day since I was ten years old. It’s like golf in a lot of ways. You’re trying to harness weather and nature to ultimately do what you want. I also love fitness. I’m big into Cross Fit and love putting my body and mind through the suffering that it can offer. Part mental, part physical – a lot like golf. Then there is photography and travel. Being able to document my passions and share them with people is amazing. I’m still learning and am by no means a “good” photographer, but it’s a fun skill that I’m enjoying learning!

What has been the greatest challenge you have faced?

So far, the biggest challenge I’ve faced as a new influencer in the golf community has been breaking the mold of what other influencers have done in the past. I want to show brands that this sort of marketing is very impactful and is becoming more important as time goes on.

Golf is notoriously slow-moving, especially when it comes to change. Just look at the R&A and the rules of golf! Golf marketing isn’t much different. So, showing brands what I’m able to do and how it applies to a new generation of golfers has been somewhat of an uphill battle. But, we’re slowly getting there!

And what has been your most rewarding moment?

This actually happened super recently! I was contacted by Michelob Ultra to be a brand ambassador because they loved the work and content I was producing. To have such a big brand show interest in me and to be in the company of Brooks Koepka and Kelly Slater was and is an honor. I’m very excited about working with them and even more excited about what’s to come!

What doors have opened for you because of your work?

I’ve been able to meet some amazing people and make some great friends. It’s pretty cool to meet and actually become friends with people you meet in the digital world. Career-wise, I have met, worked for, and befriended people who have changed the way we think about the action sports industry. People like Bob Hurley, Jeb Siqueiros, Brodie Carr, Pat O’Connell, and so many others have been a big part of my career growth. Obviously, all of those guys are in the surf industry, but they’ve all taught me something about business, marketing, sales, and how all those things tie together.

What can we look forward to from Blair Wheeler?

In the near future, I have some really cool golf trips planned with a few friends who also create some cool golf content. I won’t say where we’re going yet, but I’m really excited about it! Some trips are historic, and others are just amazing destinations. So if you’re into that sort of thing, follow along and check out what we’re up to!

Blair Wheeler
Blair Wheeler

(Photo by Ryan Barnett)

Okay, rapid fire. If you could play 18 with anyone, who would it be?

Tiger Woods, President Trump, my dad, and my father-in-law, John Kuklica. I’d caddy and just be a fly on the wall.

What item is a necessity for you on the course?

I’m a big tour visor guy. If you see me playing, I’m more than likely rocking a tour visor.

What is your bucket list course, and why?

I have a top three… 1. Augusta National, 2. The Old Course, and 3. Lofoten Links in Norway. If you haven’t seen photos of Lofoten Links, I highly recommend you go check those out right now. It’ll lead you straight to a travel site to find a flight.

Cover photo credit: @mattdbach